The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 84

Publicerades den 11 mar 2021
This is where it all starts to really look complete!!! We are finally ready to start doing some landscaping and giving this house some more color. This is definitely going to make this house look so much better and on top of that its going to increase the value! We have some awesome plans for some other outdoor area and we cannot wait to share it with y'all! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Remember to protect the berry plants from birds with some mesh all around it.

  • shouldve put some grip in that floor... gonna be slippery as hell if you have any water on it

  • You guys are just rocking loved the way you made the retaining wall looks so even you guys are becoming good at whatever new you do. Love to watch all the new stuff that you do. Also love to see newer members of family whom we had not seen and how you all are involved. Keep it up guys God bless

  • I have an idea to replace the garage door with a large window and door so that you can look at the car when you are in the office.. All the love all the way from iraq ❤️

  • On the side of the house where the stairs. Put tall skinny Christmas trees. Then the gravel put dwarf evergreens.

  • With all due respect, his wife is THICC!

  • Anyone ever do a dude counter on one of these videos lol ?

  • Dam she a baddy ngl

  • 💯

  • They should do that floor in their big shop

  • we have banana tree or i don't really know what is the name of it but it's here in philippines

  • Get a pool

  • @goonzquad Where is floppy ears... Or give us an explanation!

  • I know where you should plant those two lips

  • Nice to meet Billy's wife who is also named Billy (Merch Lady)

  • I wouldn't put any trees next to the house, kiss the foundation goodbye if you do.

  • Your velcome.

  • Bro your wife is so hot

  • Dannggg son your wife is Thick!!! Lucky man !!!!

  • Deer love to eat tulips, so you may want to build a fence around them

  • 15:40 they making everything so fast and like in adverts HOW ?

  • Plant a banana and see if it works

  • Boys, WEAR THE DAMN MASK WHILE IN PUBLIC PLACES ! Is it that hard to figure out ? Not for you, for the people around ya ! You're young and healthy. You may well be spreading that damn virus around you without knowing it. Get real, boys !

  • i been watching yall since yall first jeep build and never you had a wife, thats crazy.

  • She's a baddy...figured you boys weren't playing in that department.

  • You have to install a sprinkler system for the grass and all of the shrubbery! The newly planted shrubs need tons of water for the first few days. Oh! It's great to finally see your wife! We've seen glimpses of her in the past but tell her not to be too camera shy, she makes you two look a little better. :) :)

  • Its look great..Thanks for sharing this guys..have a great day..

  • Did you know that Dannng means red in Thailand, so Red Sun

  • The cedar will keep the bugs away

  • U got a beautiful wife

  • That garage space floor looks awesome!

  • I wasn't sure if the ladies in your lives were actually real..but they are, and just as hard working...AWESOME!

  • Azaleas for tree line, they have a variety that will bloom in spring and then bloom again in fall. You'll get color for 2 seasons for the price of one. Encore Azaleas :)

  • Two words, 'Weed Barrier'.

  • His wife got that Dumper

  • Team work makes the dream works!👍👍

  • The ONLY thing Tulips are good for is attracting DEER! They are VERY tasty for them! Don't get me wrong, I love tulips. Just they attract the deer!

  • You need to build a nice big shop for your cars and trucks

  • The retaining was in the front to get rid of the gaps spin the stones back and forth no more gaps!!!!

  • blackberry, boysenberry,... pretty much any berry grows in to a thicket of weeds. Pray i'm not too late. Thee only thing that stopped the blackberries at my friends house was the camp fire up in Paradise, California.

  • Not gonna lie this episode is soo fun then the others ❤️❤️

  • Two “balls” and one long in-between...🤔

  • It's soo cool to see the family members finally together in channel😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.

  • I think thats the first time I saw the missus since I have been watching. As for landscaping that hillside out back is begging for a water feature. Make it look like a little spring at the top and a pool at the bottom with a stream/waterfall between.

  • I noticed your soil level in the new side yard bed is higher than your slab level. Water will eventually wick through the wall and rot out your garage floor plates and possibly the bottom of the wall studs.. It won'f happen right away, but in time you might have some structural issues due to the wicking moisture. Just FYI.

  • More like a Bastard Child of Edvard Munch ~the Scream, Van Gogh ~ The Starry Night and any Jackson Pollock Painting

  • Aww husband and wife working together. 👍🏻

  • The deer will love your plants,and yes banana trees grow but because it gets cold they die back but grow next year,they are a bulb plant so they multiply.

  • boy oh boy Chickens fruit trees Your going to have snakes bobcats varmits everywhere with those chickens better cage the bottom of the chicken coop or the snakes will be eating your eggs and your chickens

  • Those roots will eventually tear up those water lines that y'all buried right there in the front

  • i would not put trees so close to my house.

  • When you going to show your girlfriends

  • We already know her name- Mrs. Billy! But it was great to finally meet you! Simeon, Eleazar, so glad to see more of your family here! Some of us suspected for some time that you two have been surrounded by some pretty awesome family! FR

  • Boys, my wife watched for a second and let me know the majority of your fruit bearing plants need a male and female plant to produce fruit. Also, yucca interspersed with the plants will help deter deer. You should be more concerned with rabbits, squirrels and other small critters eating your plants. Copper spray helps keep slugs and fungal growth at bay.

  • What's happened to Chief? I miss that little fella

  • You'll need screen door for your front entrance

  • Your fruit tress will be dinner time for Deer...add a salt lick guarantee a yard full of Deer

  • I want a grape tree. The vines they normally grow on are boring.

  • have you considered replacing the garage door with a glass garage door?

  • Did I miss the inground Pool in that list? I would like to see a pool build. Keep up the great work as always!!

  • Come on guys let's go for the car build

  • When are the stickers going off

  • #MrsBilly is gorgeous.

  • This is the best family 👪 DIY channel ever. Keep up the great work. 👍

  • install an awesome automatic driveway gate.

  • DUDE....64 TIMES

  • Well shave my head n call me a pickle i thought u two were boyfriends never knew u was married

  • Boys id love to see a row of small plants along the driveway making a grand entrance to the property , maybe box hedges or something 👌

  • I have heard you say it many times now and i have to ask, How exactly can you get an early start late in the day? I call that a late start.

  • Or a jakuzee

  • Build a swimming pool

  • You should put your wife is one of your videos

  • im glad to see the whole family...its nice to see family working together

  • I heard the names Picasso and Beethoven in a Goonzquad video clip. The world is changing...

  • Y’all should paint the cinderblocks in the garage black or some sort of color they draw to much attention away from the beautiful floor

  • Not the driveway some one will crash in to it in wintertime

  • Deer are going to enjoy that garden!!

  • So is this you and your wife’s house or is your friend gonna be living with you also. I never knew you were married. Just curious if your buddy’s gonna have his own room also.?????

    • @Szabi B Yes, they are siblings. Eleazar is a year or so older than Simeon.

    • Wait are they both brothers? I thought they were like best friends???

    • @John Stedman lol he is the merchant guy...just once lets show a single skill🤖

    • Eleazar and his wife will be creating their home in this house. His younger brother Simeon is planning to build his own residence nearby.

  • Hi guys. Nice to see the family. I’m groovin’ to music selection as you work. Almost done😊

  • I was so hoping when pops hit the stone after the boys did that he would have broken it

  • Merch Lady needs her ML in german class

  • At this point the stickers can only come off on the last episode 😔

  • Australians: You have to name your wine "Goon Bag".

  • I like seeing the whole family. Also let your wife design it all, she’s better no cap 🤣

  • Don't wear gloves building cars, don't wear gloves renovating house, wears gloves gardening? 🤣👍🏾

  • Who thinks goonzquad should come out with the limited edition crocs that would be hilarious and also goonzqaud has the most entertaining content and funny moments and keep up the great work 👍👍👍

  • My grape plant took 4 years

  • Home Depo slacking they should have sponsor that build you guys are at the store every week 🤣

  • Man that floor is glowing

  • Mosquito bushes keep them away in the summer

  • You guys are doing such an amazing job with the house and the yard

  • I somehow managed to go from watching car videos to gardening videos 🤣🤣 I ain’t even complaining

  • Amazing amazing job I might going to come steal strawberries LOL

  • Tell ya what Billy, you got a wife that's smart, good lookin' and not afraid to get out there and work. She's a keeper! 👍

  • Great to see your beautiful wife. You got it all guys, awesome channel and family. Again great to include them on the channel.

  • these trees will grow and will block your sun and view.

  • Get 50lbs of outsidepride red clover to toss over all the lawn and grounds... good cover and natural cover crop to fertilize and attract wildlife... Plant tomatoes and special peppers.. much better than piggly wiggly/ wynn dixie...


  • So cool that you guys finally started showing more of the fam, nice wholesome video's I like it

  • hope the deer don't eat it up.