The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 78

Publicerades den 25 feb 2021
This is the worst possible time for the well to break!!! We are working with lots of water to finish this interior up and now we're dry. But as usual, there is always a way around things! We quickly decided to figure out a way to keep things moving until we could get it figured out. This house has been an amazing journey so far and we are getting close to wrapping it up. The end result is going to be super epic!m Cant wait to show y'all!!! Thanks For Watching!
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  • Tastes like... Giardia

  • $30K for a well ? How deep you goin' ?!

  • check out this nice thumb down for the merch ad! dont "support" millionaires feel free to delete this comment AGAIN cowards! truth hurts, didnt it?

  • Your velcome

  • Keep up the good work guys. 😎👍

  • Thank God the well's issue is fixed, and that it was such a simple fix at that!!

  • shout out the the moms wearing the BRAVES HAT

  • I know which spring yall got the water from.....people have been saying ever since the houses above that spring where built there have been some bacteria found in that spring but people still get water from that spring to this day

  • Good choice for the water tank, my company uses them on a daily basis, easily moved with a forklift and holds 1000 plus liters

  • Every single town where I live in NY has fill stations for anyone to use that are like 25 or 50 gallons per 50 cents. It cost us $2.00 every time we had to fill our tank for our well and it was about a 5 minute drive, took about 1 minute to fill a 250 gallon tank. You guys might want to see if there is one of near where you live to save lots of time.

  • It looks like an unlimited source of water, but natural springs need time to replenish themselves. So anyone should think again before using a pump that can fill a tank that size in 5 minutes.

  • It’s always good to see your Mom and Dad in your Videos and when your Mom shows up with Food that Shows what an awesome Mom you Have

  • Y’all should get a huge fish tank to put somewhere in the house.

  • Do a slate roof boys

  • Cars

  • The coherent loaf naturally expand because title neurologically face versus a ambiguous flat. classy, scattered tail



  • I can't believe how much crap these two talk and carry on like children.

  • I live in Iowa and that’s some of the best beef jerky

  • So lucky to have your mum look after u like she does. Bring u food everyday like that. U can give me a job if u want. I can do everything in construction. Plus I'm a plant operator, telehandler. JCB I think are the best. Your one will do tho. Let me know please fellas. All the best. Let's hope we come out of lockdown soon.

  • How deep is y’all’s well?

  • I can see the next video now : What is up guys i'm happy to announce are new Merch Goonmountain you guys said you would like to try are spring water so we bottled it up for you limited supply.

  • I’m pretty sure that the duramax is Simons truck now

  • Your blessed to have such nice parents

  • The raccoons and foxes have been there. Your moving into the woods, there property. Get used to them being there or they'll never be anywhere for them. Humans destroy wildlife.

  • Take a shot each time they say dude.. You'd be wasted.

  • Pops should grow a beard

  • Best raccoon bait is take a can of sardines a poke holes in the bottom. Then zip tie it behind the trigger that way the raccoon can not reach in from the side and steal you bait and will have to go into the trap to get the bait. Works well for me in Maryville TN. Good trapping.

  • My suggestion is at the beginning when you say headquarters dont make it as long

  • Where’s the puppy

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😷😷😷😷😷😷🏡🏡🏡🏡🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • Sponges are better for cleaning grout of tile guys I couldn't tell if you were using towel but sponge and some water

  • 2k gal an hour for 300 gal it should take 9min. I fit took longer pump is ass

  • These videos make my day. And I’m still waiting for a new video. It’s been 2 days lol comeonnnnnnn lol

    • Goonzquad have a regular schedule for releasing their videos. Expect new content three times each week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at around lunchtime in Chattanooga, which uses Eastern Standard Time (UT minus 5).

  • Who else nearly forgot about Thomas the technician from not seeing him from this super long house build

  • Or, you could buy a well drilling truck.

  • Please, build car for smuggling moonshine :D

  • Who is going to live there ?

    • Eleazar and his wife will be taking up residence in the house. Simeon will be creating a home nearby on the land.

  • Wear is vido 79

  • Wow been six months since thelastcar build. Surely miss those.

  • So who knew the the other brothers name was Simon

    • The acrual given names of the Goonzquad brothers are Eleazar (who is the older married dude) and Simeon. These names reflect the Ukrainian roots of their family.

  • You guys are amazing. Is there anything you both can’t do. Loved the spring water


  • So much money and the basic life requirements were not taken care of...

  • I am not going to lie I am a Chevy type of guy but anything HONDA will last for ever

  • Where the hell are you getting this much money?

    • Goonzquad are known to accrue income from a moiety of the SElists advertising revenue earned by their channel, from the apparel business which they operate, from their sales of vehicle projects, and from other more private sources such as product placement, covert advertising deals, sponsorship agreements, and property investments.

  • You guys should use recycled blacktop “millings” as your driveway cheaper then gravel and new blacktop plus it still looks good. It hardens up like blacktop in less then a couple months as long as sunlights hitting it. Just make sure you compact it !!

  • hey i have an idea for what you should buy for when you are going to do rebuild well 1st things 1st u need a compresser then u would need an impact gun for a compresser

  • Your mother should open a restaurant because her food looks awesome .

  • I wonder if they can Copyright Dang Son ? And maybe Dude . Two of the hardest working people I've ever seen. And they love it. Love it and Learn it. I also love the fact that their Dad is such a big part of their lives.

    • @John Stedman I hope know I was kidding.

    • Phrases such as many SElistsrs habitually use cannot be Copyrighted. The US Copyright Office specifically states that "slogans and other short phrases or expressions cannot be copyrighted". In Law, Copyright is not available for the protection of ideas which are very limited in scope, and furthernore phrases are considered to be common idioms of the English Language and are free for use by anyone. The State would not entertain Copyright claims in such cases because it would inhibit creativity in society. If Goonzquad were to create new slogans or combinations of words which were uniquely theirs, they might find it viable to seek Copyright Protection, but that is not the case here.

  • I asked about the amber light bulbs that yall bout for the kitchen last week from home depot light bulbs not strip lights please help i want to buy the same kind for the dimness for my kitchen waiting in Texas please help god bless

  • some stones on the wall are missing they need to fix it....

  • 3 phase on residential property, talk about a dream come true!

  • I dont care for the house , im only here for the rebuilds so pull your finger out please

    • Cry about it, you can just not watch the videos.

  • What do you guys think about putting a porch on the front of the house or something over the door to give the house in the front more character

  • Yoo iowa smokehouse!! Im from southeast iowa 🤙🏽 greetings brothers

  • hope theres no parasites in that water lmao also send the electrician that bill from the well guy.

  • dammit boys... wheres the new video man ..your wrecking my weekend man !!! hurry upload it!!!

  • The LAST thing we want to see is more shit about your HOUSE. You are putting yourself OUT OF BUSINESS!

  • More lawn in front of house less gravel or driveway

  • I think your grass guys is dying

  • I'm ready to see you boys add rainwater catchment water system. Would be fun to watch your approach. Would be more ideal on the next building, plan a metal roof from the beginning.

  • You wanna catch a Raccoon, Honey Bun!! 🤣

  • Call Mark and Digger they will get u started on your shine work

  • هذول ببنوا لحالهم مع بعض المساعدة ونحنا منتعب من المشي 😂😩

  • That “Sun” stickers drives me crazy

  • Only fill salt tank 1/2 full . Salt has a habit fo going hard if not used often.

  • Your mom needs a cooking channel

  • you Guys take too Long to drop a next video

  • Use the water tank for the military truck!

  • Use a slow pump so it doesn't suck up a bunch of nasty stuff off the bottom of that hole. A fast pump may pump that little spring bowl dry the spring may not keep up with the pump.

  • Iowa beef jerky? What’s that about? Love Iowa beef

  • You should make a cistern...

  • you are guyz are LIT ;)

  • You need to spread that gravel 3" deep. If you didn't, add more.

  • That’s about 2400 lbs of water.

  • Sizi izlemek çok keyif verici. Türkiye den sevgilerle 🇹🇷🙏🏾

  • Please take the damn stickers off the windows, it's driving me crazy. 🙄😊

  • Boooring

  • What ever happened to the Doberman pincher?

  • Now we know why the old owner sold it before finishing it.

    • The house was designed as specific accommodation for two elderly members of the then owner's family who had disabilities. Construction work began in 2008 but was abandoned in 2009 because of a change in family circumstances. In the Subprime Lending Crisis of that period there was little demand for part completed residential buildings in Tennessee, particularly when the floorspace was limited and the design layout was not suitable for the needs of most potential purchasers. Throughout the following decade the then owner was involved in other land and property development projects and was not motivated to sell until recently. Goonzquad bought the land and building in summer 2020 with full knowledge of this history.

  • When are you going so start working on cars again?

  • Did the electricians damage the well system?

  • That spring water looks legit

  • Friend - 'Hey man, been ages, let's do something'. *Goonzquad drops video Me - 'Guess I'll have to catch you tomorrow, in the morning!'

  • Trucks a beast must have a mega payload must have been at least 1.5 ton of water to haul up the mountain 👍🏻

  • 🇨🇦 Do you boys ever fight? BTW, that bathroom is dope!

  • You guys criticizing them and telling them they’re doing stuff wrong, Maybe it’s not correct by your way of doing things, but they’re work is great and they learn from their mistakes.

  • I love the way how you building the house. A bit diffrent than here in Poland. Good to know. I cant wait to car videos

  • we learn something new everyday with you guys

  • Where is chief?????????????

  • So if u pump out the well let it fill pump out again will open the veins of the well the more you do that will open it up to a point

  • you can just see that the cooking is from the Balkans

    • @Darkisha you are welcome!

    • @John Stedman Yeah, I know it because I actually live in Bosnia. Btw thanks for the reply

    • The cuisine is certainly of Slavic origin, more specifically from the East Slavic regions of Belarussia, Ukraine and Russia, with influences from many other countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Bosnia and Croatia. Yury ('Pops') and Lyudmilla ('Moms') actually emigrated to the USA from Ukraine.

  • Another boring video without fixing cars 🙄🙄🙄

  • I’m thinking the manufacturer should change the colour of one of the black wires on the well pump system :)

    • Checking of the phase sequence in any three phase system is a fundamental Standard Operating Procedure for any correctly trained and licensed professional electrician, who should know that many motors will not run if wrongly wired to a three phase supply. This procedure is even more important when installing components which may originate from other countries, where the colour coding of wiring may differ. The situation at the Goonzquad 'HQ House', where a three phase system was apparently incorrectly connected to the well pump motor and not then tested properly, is very troubling.

  • The average water usage per person per day is 150 gallons.

  • I was hoping he was going to say CatchCleanCook

  • hey guys, great job! love watching your videos with my son. but hey, can you please take the stickers off you windows.

  • I reckon black grout is the the worst to work with, it always makes the most mess like black grease.