The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 76

Publicerades den 21 feb 2021
This is insane!!! We made it to the last and final tasks of this entire project! The tile showers is something we put off for a while, and now the time has come. Tile is one of the most time consuming parts of the construction process but we aint gonna let that stop us! We got the master bathroom basically knocked out and it looks sick. Cant wait to show you what we have next!!!
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  • Absolutely blown away are you guys just do us a favor a little bit disingenuous when you say no help out your boys by Limburg guys are living a life that most of the people in America can’t understand or realize or experience and I doubt that you guys are out of your twins I would say you probably well into 20 still so you really should I know you got the best part in the world for that but you really should illuminate saying that because it’s just it’s really bad

  • bathrooms look amazing!

  • why arnet they filling in the gaps in between the tiles as soon as it sets before doing anything else to the bathrooms? i work at construction sites and they always do that before putting in toilets and all that stuff

  • I do woodworking and cedar is great if you look at old hood chests for instance they are usually made from cedar for that reason right there they trap moisture out so yes cedar would work in the shower

  • I feel like of you're going to do 7 videos on bathroom tile it should be at least educational. A 90 part series on a house remodel is a bit much.

  • I left at video 23

  • I love your channels. Your family is amazing. I love how goonzquad is multitalented. I want yall to build me a house. I love the work. If yall eva wanna do a show like that let me no I wanna be your first example. My name is Keisha let me no I live in Houston, Texas. Great job on your process in building.

  • What about a ceiling fan to suck out smells and steam when done showing and using bathroom 🚽! As well you guys are missing a bathtub for resale value or when you have kids of your own. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  • I would laugh my arse off if they waited to long and that black grout film didn't come off that white tile. DUH!!!

  • If shower too high it might be cold water by the time you feel it.

  • Won’t mold grow behind the shower tile?

  • Saturdays are for the boys

  • “Saturday is for the Boys...” new merchandise idea lol

  • Where is the exhaust fan and floor drainage point on the bathroom floor?

  • Star Wars nmd’s 👌🏻

  • Do you guys have bathroom vent fans??

  • Hi guys , that would be a one piece of marble in that wall , it’s getting to busy , the back wall is too beautiful to have that busy side , I know it’s a lot of work and decisions.

  • um; change the music please...please...please...

  • This are dudes, who in elder years are saying “we were doing this, that and all shit with our hands you little pricks “ i mean building houses , cars, backyards and staff like that

  • Dude use a rubber mallet 😎

  • Why keeping calling it Goonzquad HQ when its Eleazar and his wife's house?

  • He tried to get billy with the Ol straw in the ranch! Lol

  • you dont really need pressure for a rain head its ment to just gravity out

  • This house is a mess. Should of hired an interior designer

  • Its an amazing time to be building a house. There is so much cool tech to integrate almost everything via wifi and google hub/alexa. I use them both. I tend to use alexa more because my cameras are easier to view with her. Recently I got a box that connects my garage door to wifi so now my packages can be left inside because I'm never home when the UPS/Amazon dude comes, he can open the door and put it inside. I can even set the door to only open waste high. I had packages stolen from me twice and that sucks.

  • You guys could have built a sauna 🤷‍♂️

  • Don't turn the steamer on without grout oh geez don't have it all very long that Hardy back can be damaged

  • Hey guys you're not supposed to mix the old mud with the new mud finish your bucket and start over harden up on you not good and it'll be too dry won't stick

  • Ngl, for how big the house looks on the outside, it's quite small on the inside. I feel like it's going to be very cramped. I guess the square footage is including the garage?

    • The total usable internal floor area of the property, including the area which was formerly an integral garage and is now being repurposed as accommodation, is just over 1,800 square feet (about 170 square metres). This is ample for a couple to make their home.

  • I am waiting for new video

  • What song is playing!! Its the bomb!!

  • I get you are trying to get the house up and running while posting here, but when you quote prices of items you bought left me wondering why.....please go back to the cars and trucks

  • does amaze me how much stuff they do by themselves. i doubt though this is their first time doing this kind of work. seems dad used to do something in construction or something like that.

    • @John Stedman thanks. Thought so.

    • Look back at the SElists videos of the beginnings of Goonzquad from December 2015 onwards, all of which are still online, and they show that Simeon and Eleazar undertook several house construction, remodelling and repair projects in collaboration with their elder sibling Aleksander, who is a professional contractor. Initially 'Alex' was offered the opportunity to join Goonzquad as a featured member of the team, but declined. He now advises on the projects but is rarely seen onscreen.

  • Apply several coats of grout sealer. Must do in a steam shower. Allow to dry 2+ days then enjoy. Use smooth grout, spacing between tiles isn’t wide enough for a cement based grout. Smooth grout will fill the joints much better and give you a superior job. GOOD LUCK, LOOKS GREAT ‼️👍👍. Vinny 🇺🇸

  • Im waiting for a new vid


  • Awesome work guys! Only problems I've gotten the need to do a lot of s...t at my house now :)

  • Get the wood effect tiles that look very real they are big tiles less cuts more coverage 👍

    • And you can get special flexible grout used on boats and swimming pools I would recommend

  • The reason they did the tiles in this video is because they saw the comments on the last video lol

  • Two intros lol? Are we some days behind?

  • Love that Chick-fil-A!

  • The back wall is slightly off center. It would drive me nuts.

  • Hey guys when are we going to see more of what's going on with the new garage ?? You guys have done really well on the house but we seem to be getting alot of running to and from the stores and lunch. Need more project videos and less of store runs come on guys we need away from the house now so let's move to the future part of you guys that garage is going to be awesome 👌

  • Nope the window stickers still there.

  • Any chance you could do some cars? I'm sick to death of your house mate, sick to death. Cars. Cars. Cars.

  • The tiles Will fall off..... 🤷

  • I miss the car content :(

  • How are they still not Verified?!

  • Why say 'IT'S DONE'.... when its clearly not...

  • Love you Billy and simon

  • DUDES,Please buy,and restore a classic,like a 1977 corvette,For you it should be a walk in the park,because there old school,You could show us,how different old cars are from new cars.It would be,interesting for sure.I like your new digs thanks russ

  • Btw guys the names of the shower heads etc are called fosets

  • So many Karen’s and Kyle’s in the comments of this channel lmao. This is their first time remodeling a house. Nobody cares if you don’t like the tile or the gold, they obviously do.

  • Coming along. Some strange choices but keeping doing you....I think it is about time you did a live questions and answers. Don't recall you ever doing one. Chat and meet some of your fans....

  • Okay, house is done show us some darn tootin carzzzzzz man

  • STOP TOUCHING YOUR HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I guarantee you will absolutely hate the pebble/round rock flooring of the shower! All the people who have had it including myself, regret the choice. Stubbed toenails, falls and sudden shots of pain on your heels is further enhanced by how difficult it is to keep clean. The pungent smells that can come from it is incredible, because it never dries. A perfect breeding ground for mold.

  • So sad all the work they put in will be undone because of water damage. There are plenty or places water will pass the red guard. Also many or those tiles will crack because improper application of mortar. But fixing stuff that has been ruined is their specialty so it just makes for more content in the future.

  • You guys are are killing it man! Wonderful work!! I wish my moms stemmer worked. lol Love the tile work. Can’t wait to see the ceader shower done!!!!

  • Get you some lazers and you could have a lazer show!

  • Headquarterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  • Breathing in water feeling like a fish

  • If you use cedar get some polyurethane and coat the front and back and glue it and use some trim around the bottom and top and it’ll last forever but most importantly get so polyurethane or spar urethane something mold mildew and water protection and do it all before you install and if you need a cedar mill I got a place it’s super cheap and great quality a1




  • That looks great Shower! 👍😊😁


  • Dude

  • So close

  • I bet that whole build is way over 500.000 grand

  • I can see billy using the back vacuum when building new cars at the shop 😂

  • “She is sticking duddddde”😅

  • Yes! Bathroom is finally going to be complete

  • 270>360

  • Not gunna lie Lovin the vids but when will y'all get back to cars, park time or even full time. Lovin the content keep it up

  • Dooooooood

  • Rotes

  • Seder totes

  • I like the vertical. I think y'all made the right choice!

  • Steam should do wonders for the fresh laid tiles. Crazy.

  • Put cedar in the shower

  • I sure wish Billy would wear safety glasses when cutting those brittle tiles.....

  • I wonder if he could sit still and not move his arms when he talks-

  • what the feck is this toolit thing hes talking about lol

  • 23.43 OVER the rainbow lol

  • Love following your journey. I will really miss these house building series when the house is done.

  • Amazing bathroom guys!!! That shower looks epic!!!

  • Great job guys... I would place that shower thing on the ceiling in the diagonal position, ... I’m pretty sure that would look a lot better than the way you were holding it up. Successful 👍😀

  • We’re did you guys get the shower head it’s so cool may get it my self

  • You guys look tired af but the determination is definitely still in yall

  • 👍🏻

  • I didn’t watch you guys for almost a year I started watching last week and I finally caught up im love the videos 👍

  • Hey !! DUDE'S !! looking good Guy's !!

  • I have no interest in building a house, but I’ve managed to watch every single episode of this 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • I will always love These guys who cares if they’re doing nothing but house episodes if you don’t like it leave nobody asked you to like it will start doing car videos when they feel like it

  • You guys should give this to your mom and pops when you’re done, and get another project!

  • Get wood looking tile

  • Are you suppose to have lights on the ceiling of the shower ?

    • Lighting fitted in wet areas has to be of a specific waterproof and vapourproof type that is certified as such. The wiring and fusing of such installations has to comply with certain safety regulations. The potential risks of any mistakes are obviously high, so such work should only be undertaken by qualified, experienced and licensed electricians who are fully aware of relevant Code.