The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 73

Publicerades den 14 feb 2021
We are lighting this place up! We finally moved from the interior lighting to the exterior and things are looking great. We also had to prep the entire house for the electricians to come out one last time and finish everything all at once. This house is getting so close to the finished product and before you know it, it'll all be over! Cant wait to show you the results! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • dont 'support" millionaires!!

  • Woah that washer dryer looks neat in that room and dude those lights are amazing 😊 on point

  • If you haven't already, you should install smart plugs for your undergrowth so you can turn them on and off with Alexa or a single smart switch that you can place next to the rest of your regular switches.

  • Everything looks great!

  • This house is lit

  • does america really run on 120V, coming from denmark with 240 in all wall sockets

  • What happened to the car videos😟

  • Why yellow lights? Daylight lights are way brighter and easier on the eyes. Yellow lights are so dim!! You guys should really change them.

  • Why don't you put solar panels on top of your house so that you don't have to pay electric bills?????

  • is That microwave not gonna be greasy underside from all cooking fumes and stuff, how is the extraction done ?

  • Just because I have had to go do the repairs to peoples Washer and Dryers, make sure that you remove the washer shipping bolts. Other wise it will start tearing up your laundry closet. All front load washer have them. Get R done!

  • Landslide lights we put yellow tint film on ours and no more bugs. The light doesn't look yellow. Nice work fellas.

  • there is a nice low profile magnetic dryer ducting kit (magvent), it magnetically aligns and attaches itself as you slide the units back!

  • You guy's could have used the Kubota to lift the washing machine unto the upper deck, that am sure would have made it a lot easier on your backs.

  • Just about fell off my chair when I saw how you installed those LEDs under the cabinets ! There is clear conduit that can be used for that, not double sided tape. Need to paint the under cabinet too. Out of the quality you’ve done everywhere else, I was a bit surprised by that. Get Pop to help you !

  • You guys should move the yard rock light directly behind the wood post so you don’t trip over them when going from patio to grass

  • I love waiting for a couple videos Then watch a lot of them

  • i have a really great idea for your guys driveway!! its kinda hard to explain how it should go though. hit me up if you want to here it. insta: hunterbuckley

  • Fuck the cabinets...73 videos in a row now when will we start building sick cars again guys :( house is plenty livable at that point now get back to the shop FFS!

  • why are you using those ugly light switches get the rectangle flat ones they’re way nicer

  • The trite author systemically tow because inventory principally hang pro a cloudy passive. painstaking, thick guarantee

  • Electricity standards in America is kinda weird :X In my country you would never pull cables outside of plastic elastic pipes. If a cable needs to be changed, you just pull through a new one : )

  • Hey those space saving dryer ducts SUCK. I would not use one if I were you. I had one just like it and because of the way its designed it WILL fill up with lint and fuzz really fast and make your dryer seem like its not working, Its not bad if you plan on cleaning it out every 3 or 4 months. but yeah it is not a good idea

  • Talk about hillbillies

  • your the best channle ever

  • Now to add the same strip lights on top of the cabinets!! And Alexa outlets to turn them on and off!!

  • I still think you guys should put a kelderman air suspension on that f450

  • Where does the soap go in the laundry room??

  • The repulsive angora postnatally sin because statistic indirectly ban mid a envious pizza. vast, three twilight

  • Lights look great!!

  • huge barbecue grill

  • Please Read This - You do not have to use the dryer exhaust hose with that space saver exhaust duct. Take out the hose, line up the dryer exhaust with the space saver and slide it in until the exhaust outlet slides into the space saver. To lock the space saver into place, use straps to lock it against the wall. Put a screw into the space saver to lock it at the correct height, then push the dryer back into the space saver duct. If the dryer doesn't fit into the duct, swap the space saver around. The space saver is designed to eliminate that hose.

  • Your house going look like Blackpool (UK Fans)

  • I love your videos keep up the great work

  • Attach your LED's to smart switches so you can just say "Alexa, turn on the kitchen LED's"

  • I suggest you put little lights between the rocks

  • selam arkadaşlar, türkiye den izleyenleriniz için alt yazı seçeneğini oluşturur musunuz

  • Who’s Simon bunking with when Billy and his Wife move into the new house? He should build a Man cave to live in in the new Car headquarters. They could make it a mezzanine Man Cave.

  • 👍

  • niceeeee the house just keeps getting better

  • "Cornhole in the middle of the night" I can hear the deliverance theme.

    • Yes! And Woodall Shoals on the Chattanooga River, only 230 miles away, is where those famous canoe sequences were filmed. Almost fifty years after the film was shot, the local catchphrase is still "Squeal like a piggy!"

  • Just take the nail out lol

  • WISHING this was still a car channel

  • Yeah totally looking good

  • You need to move the landscaping lights closer to the rock wall. It would also look good to put some on up the hill under the big ledge to light it up. Would look good from in the house.

  • You guys should be sponsored by LG. And Home Depot. The landscape lights in the backyard are going to get tripped over you should put them up in the rocks

  • 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Shou caras parabéns

  • Side load washers don’t wash clothes near as good as the top load so if you can still switch them out I would recommend to

  • You guys are awesome I enjoy every video, and I'm always excited to see what y'all do next

  • Sorry but the gold handles and back splash doesn't go with the stainless appliances. Just saying.

  • I think Home Depot sells those garage buttons instead of flicking the wires together

  • Get an Alexa wall plug for the led lighting under kitchen cabinets so you can just say “Alexa turn on kitchen lights” and they turn on.

  • those underglow lights are hood

  • Am I the only one who thinks it's bonkers that they pop these nails everywhere without any coordination? They already had water damage because of it, and now this.

  • hi goonzquad, you guys need to make longer videos, otherwise i have wait two or three days to catch up here in soouth africa, peace!

  • I'm super happy for y'all y'all been working for six months

  • Hey guys, I would mount lights on the deck to light up the rocks and not on the ground - it will be a pain to mow around - save those lights for the front like you said.

  • Same washer dryer setup in my house both mine are separate and they come with adapter to put the dryer on top so I first put the washer then put the dryer in.

  • Looking good guys!

  • Why is there no hood over the cooker?

  • Cut the drywall behind so it will slide back after inspection

  • No extractor in the kitchen over the oveb??.....hhhmmmmmm

  • Danm our boys are rich rich

  • Or lights on top of crown

  • Just a quick note, how are you planning a driveway to the garage as you have already placed the grass?

  • I’m calling Guiness world book 😂 you guys work ethic is incredible I’ve been subscribed since the viper the house looks amazing great job

  • what i wanna know is what happened to the boat they got awhile ago

    • Both of the Goonzquad boats have been stored away for the winter, and should reappear in April (weather permitting...)

  • Are you guys gonna do solar on the roof?

  • If you leave the underglow on too long they can start on fire

  • No smart lights in the kitchen area? And an installation of the flimsy and dull light strips prone to be a real pain in the a** when it comes to cleaning? I see a redo fast approaching in the near future. ;)

  • You guys should get some solar panels.

  • They didn't do much planning in the kitchen. Stainless appliances with gold handles and faucet. It doesn't work.

  • Instead of installing that 3 prong plug for the drier use the four prong it has a ground and is much safer, especially with newer driers. National electrical code. Just a tip of course y’all do as you wish, love the content been watching since the mustang on my old SElists account

  • Guys, all you need is a Recessed Dryer Vent Box. You can get them from the Home Depot or even Amazon...

  • Hi guys sending love from 🇹🇹 my son Avi Is a big fan of you guys he love your videos.. he's also a funatic for cars his birthday is on the 02nd of March if you guys can shout out Happy Birthday to him.. he would really feel special on that day keeping my fingers crossed🤗 love you guys take care keep doing your good work🖒

  • Did he really say...we can cook at night now?! Lol

  • Guys, you lost one of your biggest fans, my wife of 43 years, on Feb 5th. She passed from terminal cancer complicated by covid. That said she never missed her boys latest adventures no matter what you were in to, cars, trucks, boats, buildings, houses. The new G/S Headquarters was of special interest as we had built our dream home on Richland Creek in Dayton, TN in 1991. Also, we spent many hours in Chattanooga so we often see familiar sights during your wanderings around the area. I just wanted you to know how impactful, far reaching and how many lives you touch with you videos. Thank you so much for your efforts and dedication to your projects and most importantly to your fans.

    • @Richard Whitley Thank you Richard, she was a special lady who will be missed by everyone who knew her.

    • Very sorry for your loss. Prayers for you 🙏

    • sorry for your loss sir my condolances

  • Put an overhead exhaust fan above your washer and drier to ensure any moisture and humidity is vacuumed from the room. Do it while you still can and getting electrics done. Trust me this is important in the long run, especially because your house isn’t solid brick, moisture is the enemy. Humidity is yucky in the house period!

  • you guys should kiss the foots of your viewers. thanks the viewers SElists pays you to buy this stuff.

  • I've been following them since the first episode I love the work they do and cant wait to see the house 100 percent

  • Are you guys living there together?!

    • @John Stedman thanks for the info.

    • Eleazar and his wife will be making their home there. Simeon may stay there temporarily until his own home is completed nearby.

  • I reckon it would be worth trying those small spotlights along the baseboard of the deck pointing on the rocks and garden, you could actually put them on all 3 sides of the deck and it would get them up and off the grass where they will definitely end up being in the way, even if you put a plant next to them coz the grass has to be edged etc. Also putting some extra lights in a few spots in the garden pointing up the hill at some fancy decorative/ornamental plants would look even more amazing 😁👊👍

  • When are y'all gonna get back to builds

  • Ruins 10k worth of cabinets for $20 MIC lights that'll burn out in a month. Legit 👍

  • So now that you're building your goonzquad Garage in another location are you still going to build a garage at the house

    • The dudes have said that the garage in downtown Chattanooga will be for their commercial operations, while the other garage on the mountainside site will mainly be used for their personal vehicles. Legally, the urban site is commercially zoned for industry, while the use of the mountain site is basically limited to residential and associated uses.

  • its 2021 and we still have to lift a fridge into the back of our cars????

  • I'm worried about that Microwave, wouldn't take some serious heat when the the stove is on? You also don't have a stove hood to vent any smoke coming out of the stove when you're cooking.

    • It’s gonna smell beef inside d house:))

  • The space saver goes directly to the dryer

  • these guys can build/rebuild whatever the hell they want

  • Get the beers out

  • Any guesses as to how long it will be until all that sod is dead?

  • *So how much more of this before you get back into repairing cars again? this was great for a while but it's gotten REALLY boring*

  • I’m disappointed on how they mounted there floodlights, mounted to the soffit is a no go

  • This makes me super happy.

  • Hey guys! Love the videos! The house is coming right along! Two things, though. I noticed you have your washer upstairs. If you keep your washer upstairs, I highly recommend getting a washing machine drain pan. That way, in case it leaks, it doesn't destroy your top floor. Another thing. I noticed with your "underglow" lights, part of them was attached to the bottom of your microwave above your stove. I think they might not last in that spot. Once you start cooking, steam, grease, and heat will probably ruin that part of your light strip. Keep the videos coming!! Love you guys!! 🤗

  • 5:49 LOL damn!

  • When the rebuild videos?🙁

  • Hi Billy...i watched you install led lights under your cabinet...i suggest when drilling using auger bit, drill it on both sides so will avoid chipping the sides of the hole...when using drill bits use the thinnest size first the the desire size bit you desire and again do it on both sides...thank you and keep up your good work...God Bless...

  • I definitely have to see this house in the dark.