The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 72

Publicerades den 11 feb 2021
Thats all for the kitchen!!! We made it look super epic and we cant wait to cook something up in that joint! We did an amazing color scheme and this is got to be the one of the best looking kitchens ever! We still have a few other mods we want to do on the inside which will be here very soon. We are getting so close to moving in and before you know it well be on to our next build. Thanks For Watching!!!
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Rossville,GA 30741
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  • I gotta catch up on the goonzquad content for sure lmao! 👍🏽

  • y'all probably mentioned this but who's staying in the new home ?

  • What about an extractor fan for the cooker hob? Gonna get steamy boiling up your veggies!

  • Dangggggg this is super sixk look at the house now that kitchen is dope and it’s a shame about the washer but You will get another one 😎👌 not long to go now that back splash looks real nice.

  • you need a "Dang Son / Dude / Sic" Sweatshirt

  • Back splash looks great and sucks about the washer and dryer being wrong!

  • 🇨🇦 I hope these boys funnel some SElists coin into the new economy... Bitcoin.

  • You all do great videos...I really love your pops...He is just an awesome guy... He obviously raised you well...and during a crazy time during a pandemic you get to take care of him, mom, and the are blessed.

  • whos been here since the gladiator? (jeep truck)

  • The nine peanut feraly clip because measure meteorologically memorise atop a merciful ex-wife. second, wrathful single

  • Should have just used waterresistant paint in the kitchen, keeping a clean look. Those tiles are a bit to much 🤪

  • Pops is a goat always putting in the work love the channel man keep it up

  • paint the main door and trim inside black. you could also do the same to the kitchen window. it would set if off to another level.

  • i think they are missing an office room in the house

  • Those are the same lights I have in my house

  • ur lucky it rained for ur grass

  • How about caulking the corner of the backsplash and the counter top?

  • I have found I get better results if I put the adhesive on the tile rather than the wall

  • I have a question for you why are guys having your pops move that heavy stuff

  • no handles on the fridge would bother me

  • That was great video! leaving in the part where its the wrong hook up was perfect.... it happens alot!!!

  • Do a line of Silicon 😣

  • Pops got that real quick with the gas washers

  • Cabinet underglow💯

  • Your electrician is sleeping, fingers crossed your inspector will also be sleeping. GFI's next to any water source is code. You got no GFI's in that kitchen lol

  • I would have gone with subway tile

  • You guys should add an overhead awning where your front porch is and add some nice chairs or a bench for that nice view that you have,

  • kitchen is fire great job gold star for youall

  • Why don't you carry things in simon?

  • Lights and back splash straight outta that 70’s show 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Putting the Camera close to the light almost blinded me 😭😭

  • we know your gonna put a sick epoxy on the floor prolly white and gold

  • Ugh gold everywhere. Why? And what a strange house. So it's just a kitchen and garage on the main floor?

  • Y'all should use black outlet covers to add more contrast

  • strange you dont have a range hood above the stove

  • Do you guys need dehumidifiers there?

  • You guys are awesome!

  • Not sure, but I think I've heard "takes a lot longer than expected" a lot with this house project.

  • Nice work fellas, I see Emelia Hartford has the same light - SElistsrs stick together?? Lol

  • Wear is. Vido 73. Ps love your show

  • Looking Amazing and you guys are awesome!! Please sell the helicopter

  • If you dont want that charger dock can you both and your mum and dad sign it and send it my way please? Thanks

  • How many car rebuilds could these goonz have done with these 72 episodes instead of playing house like Martha Stewart????

  • I vote a long drive going in the back

  • Err... there's a microwave over the hob instead of a cooker hood... Is that a US thing?

  • Duuude the tiles in the kitchen look like in my grandma’s house 😅😂

  • just thorwin this out at the bottom where it says youtube be cool if it had y'alls logo

  • That backsplash is like a perfect icing on the cake.... beautiful and magnificent....!!!!.....🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

  • Melt the cheese

  • why so many electrical outlets in the kitchen?

    • @John Stedman thanks for the info. I cant help but think the regulation should be on the use of electical items, not the the outlets themselves. What an ugly and redundant aesthetic, IMO.

    • The NEC Codes require all points on a kitchen countertop to be within 24 inches of a wall receptacle, so this means in theory that the outlets cannot be more than 48 inches apart. There are special rules for kitchen 'islands'. However, most contemporary cooks would regard such provisions as insufficient, since they often choose to use many portable electrically powered culinary devices when preparing meals. The provision of ample receptacles makes it less likely that users will tend to use multiple adaptors, or extension cables, which are a safety hazard in a wet area. To maximise safety, my own Firm and most architects specify GCFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) receptacles for all countertop installations, although the NEC is rather behind the times in this respect and only requires GCFIs if within 6 feet of the nearest edge of a sink.

  • I’ve done quite a few back splashes and they did a great job! I knew it would take them way longer than they thought. Very tedious tile. I usually pull the stove and go down an extra tile but to each his own.

  • Great job boys!!!!

  • Clear caulk the bottom of the backsplash!

  • dont you need some caulking between the counter and backsplash to prevent any spills to seep down the wall? im not a carpenter but i just thought id say it incase it was overlooked.

  • Don't forget to seal in that counter top

  • Tell me how you are happy all the time?

  • Gold covers will be sick dude

  • Remember when goonzquad worked on cars? 🙄

  • or is there not won?

  • when is todays eposol?

  • That view so jealous. I love it the house has come along way. Love all the new content ready for the shop to be built

  • oh my god Goonzquad Headquarters Part 72 , will final episode 100+ its like a Indian drama

  • why did you go with old style and new style outlets

  • 9:10 I wished it was 70 degrees here in PA 😭

  • 0:05 Lol, pops face looking at the size of the washers.

  • Would have gone with gas,you can still run stuff in a power failure

    • There is no piped natural gas main in that locality. Goonzquad could have opted to install a propane tank on the site, but now that an electric HVAC system has been installed and electric appliances have been purchased, it would not be cost effective to change. They will be installing a diesel powered generator to provide a backup in the case of a blackout. In due course their most effective and efficient plan would probably be to generate their own electricity on site using renewables such as solar and wind energy.

  • go subscribe to the royalty family

  • I'm in New Zealand , and love the bad grammar. Makes you more realistic and not scripted.keep on believing in your selves. Can you build a hot rod sometime

  • Get gold outlet covers in the kitchen

  • that "gold" looks cheap and really bad

  • Not just water you have to saturate new sod or it will be dead in a few days.

  • Let me send you a recipe for some Cincinnati Skyline Chili!

  • At least you don’t have to keep the dent

  • The boys are lit and they get the work done properly

  • HQ is like a gorgeous prom queen and sputnik light is like the piece of spinach stuck in her teeth

  • 16:28 We all know sometimes y'all say or do things backwards. He Says He Loves how that 45° looks, with he hand signals, but meant to have said 90° angle.

  • Very nice work. You guys seem like like you've done this a few times before. I just have one question though. Why didn't you go with the decorative wall sockets and wall switches. You know the flat rectangle ones. I think it would've looked so much nicer and it matches better with your modern contemporary look.

    • Maybe some gold tone or white and gold switch covers too.

  • What happened to the fan mail vids?

  • Next thing is going to be “rebuilding a UFO 🛸” 😅 keep the work up guys

  • A gray/grey Color washer n dryer would have been perfect.

  • What I say they will put backsplash Just like I said in my comment

  • Cook some meth first in that new kitchen

  • Wear I’d vido 73

  • You should do a gold schluter strip at edge of tile instead of the white strip you did

  • Get rid of that nest cover plate it kills the look of it

  • Nice

  • boys that is not fog its cloud

  • I dont see any GFCI outlets near the sink, are they not required in your area?

    • Any receptacle which is within 6 feet of the nearest edge of a kitchen sink is required to be the GCFI type in the area in which this house is situated.

  • Hi, I do not know if you will even read this. Nobody has ever rebuilt a Bugatti.

  • Yall should get LED strips to put under the kitchen top cabinets

  • 22:47 Pops is like yeah, and I just carried that for nothing 😂

  • Those things will get hot

  • Super made up for you guys, Channel is just getting better and better. From cars, boats, helicopters, houses Goonzquad brothers just excel. Undoubted talent and self belief. Love that. More blessings to you both. Home looks sick!! Well done.

  • Eu queria uma casa assim no alto da montanha!

  • I’ve been waiting for the Robinson series. You’re likely not doing it anymore but oh well.

    • @Jonny H. 😊

    • @John Stedman thanks

    • The R22 is still safely stored in the garage behind their parents' house in Rossville, and Goonzquad have said recently that they are still awaiting the components needed to make the helicopter airworthy. Let's hope that is possible soon!

  • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who puts Doritos on my pizza😂

  • Washer dryer on Gas? Never seen before. Is it for mobile Homes/RVs?

  • All of a sudden the Standart receptively Look alles cheap compared to the luxurious marble and Gold finish of the rest....

  • Guys, you really need to water the lawn/grass before it dies.

  • A burger ain’t a Burger without Tomato 🍅 Sauce 😊😋