The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 55

Publicerades den 31 dec 2020
What a wild journey this has been!!! The headquarters is going to go down in history as one of the craziest projects we've ever done. We have made some huge progress so far but there is still a little bit more to go. We are super happy with how much we learned and that we can share the entire process with you guys! Cant wait to show you whats next! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Fantastic looking good boys 🙂 loving the loook

  • I thought you were suppose to sand the concrete

  • I don't like how they do things, would never buy a car or house from them. That wood on the cold humid cement looks bad

    • Yeah, I agree but nothing you can do. They'll keep going full steam ahead until it breaks and they'll have to fix it.

  • It was a hard year with my mom passing away January 1st 2020 but it's OK she's in a better place she always liked watching you guy build those awsome cars keep up the good work Happy New Year's

  • Shouldn't they have brought the flooring indoors for 2 days to climatize first before laying it down?

  • No moisture barrier guys?

  • Love you guys but you should never put flooring down on a cement slab in a living space. You need a barrier/sub floor, I know Georgia’s warm so you won’t have to worry about freezing but moisture will ruin it.

  • Anybody know or have a ball park figure of how much they spent? On this project? Just wondering.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • One thing Goonzquad has taught me is that messing up is no big deal, just part of the process. Just pick yourself up, fix your mistake, and move on with life.

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Love love love .....

  • Yours are the bestest merch ever 😍🔥

  • Happy holidays to you all

  • Can't put hard wood on concrete directly, that mapei stuff doesn't work, the wood will warp within a year.

  • It is better to use a tile in a door area, because wood will always have a play depends of the temperature outside

  • No big DILL

  • Happy New Year's to you guy's , Mom , Dax and family . God bless y'all and be safe !

  • Shouldn't you be laying down a vapor barrier and insulation before you put those hardwoods down? Or did i miss the part where they said it was build into the layers of the planking they bought?

  • 2021 sounds like 2020 won. 😳

  • this house takes forever to finish imagine,, episode 55? to 200-300? hahhaha

  • Yall doing a good job ok

  • not doing any heated floors? 🤔

  • For the stairs give glass railings it would look nice 👍

  • My neighbor had a glue down hardwood floor and while she was on vacation the toilet supply line sprung a leak and flooded the house, there was a crew of 4 men in there a week removing all that glued down hardwood. It was bear to remove. And I'm afraid there is going to be water damage around that front entry door if its installed like the big window above it. And hardwood in the kitchen is going to take a beating. But its their house and they will be living in it and they are jazzed, so go boys go.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • You didn't put a moisture barrier between the concrete and flooring -- big mistake ! Look under a rubber welcome mat on a concrete front porch and you'll see moisture . Your wooden floor will buckle when the floor absorbs and swells from that moisture . Big mistake

  • Those jackets look fire tho

  • Wow ! The house is looking awesome Dan son

  • They should you put white tile on the bottom flour

  • Should the heat/ac be on to help dry the floors and keep the entire inside climate controlled?

  • Have you thought about what type of lighting that you're going to do outside for a night I know they have some LED lights that you can put on top of the house that would light up front like daytime


  • Love your videos been watching for years now, keep up all the great hard work boys! 4K camera in the future??

  • U make Minecraft look hard

  • Are they still doing the garage to match the house

  • You the most incredible youths with true big ideas and that's what makes you my fav 🧡 Big up from Kenya(Africa) 🇰🇪

  • Happy new year guys to you both and all your family.

  • Hi guys . I love the car stuff you do but I am really enjoying this series of the new headquarters I’ve watched everyone from the start and love the way you will try anything great content guys.

  • Pretty sure you should've put down a sealer or a vapor barrier before you put down hardwood flooring

  • Wild how this channel went to building a house and still grew by 200,000 subs

  • Wow you have to start all over THATS ALOT OF WORK!

  • Hey brothers everyone calls me dez I'm currently stationed in Germany and I just got into a fender bender with my mustang and was wondering if you could possibly give me ur best guess as to how much it would cost to fix I really would appreciate your expertise on this Iv dm your instagram with photos of the damage and Iv seen all your SElists videos and you guys are genuinely impressive anyways stay safe guys and thankyou

  • Should knock out the middle wall in the kitchen it’ll open it up more and maybe put a medium size island in the middle

  • U need to do a "BUILDING THE BIGGEST BADDEST GARAGE ON SElists" Next. Just an idea, keep it Goony boys.

  • Who thinks they should get some wheels and tires for the Duelly?

  • You guys should look into redback boots from Australia they are bomb.

  • Another hack job hacks that straighten suspension parts with claw hammer and work on lambo with pipe wrench.

  • dude bro dude everything we do is so cool, we just released a limited time hoody that has a hood on top limited bro we have a new one everyday

  • someone let me know when they decide to do cars again so i can resub

  • You’d think they would SElists some videos of how to properly install flooring...all of that flooring downstairs is going to be destroyed before too long because of incorrect installation...

  • Happy New Year goonzquad and Family and Everyone GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • 6:47 the forbidden “peanut butter “

  • You guys are such great presenters great on camera.

  • guys dont under estimate people with bad intent. run cat 6 to multiable points in the house. hard wire for you biz and put the wifi behind the hardwired managed switch the wifi can be picked up outside limit the range . just some advice from an it guy


  • 👍👍👍

  • No car builds yet 😞👀

  • Hey when are yall going to start building cars again? Enough with the house , I watch your show for the cars not the house.

  • your stone work next to the door looks like a elephant or something else 🤔

  • 3:14 those lights at the window looked like a jackolantern face.

  • Still with the house huh? I'll be back when I see a thumbnail with car shit

  • Unsubscribed told mates to watch u because of cars but shit your house videos are proper boring and crappy songs on repeat on every video sort it out

  • Are we going to see any car build? To be honest I'm kind of tired of this house building.

  • What a sticky situation

  • Is it just me or do they not have any hot/cold water supply to the kitchen?

  • If your original door was still your front door, the hardwood flooring would have ran the opposite way.

  • Happy New Year guys hope 2021 is better for y'all...

  • Happy new year Guys!

  • I hope you didn't forget your hydroisolation in this bathroom ;)

  • You guys are missing out on an opportunity to install a bidet.

  • Happy new year goonzquad 🎆

  • Tile on the floor is so slippery when it gets wet. I prefer vinal planks. They are warmer, not at all slippery, and very low maintenance. But it looks like you guys are having fun and it's looking good

  • Cart racing man, I can’t wait until... I guess after winter, when you can start to work on your dirt biking trails!

  • When are you going to have a new one

  • Now more like HGTV, which I no longer watch that either,,

  • apply clear skatedeck texture to tile... is

  • Y’all are pros with that tape measure now lmao

  • 20:50 - how to say there’s a pandemic without actually saying there’s a pandemic

  • It is always interesting 🤔 to me that merch is already sold out by the time the videos are out

  • Nice work guys.. but miss the the videos of you guys fixing cars. Do you guys ship your merchandise To India ? JD

  • SMH everyone knows floors do straight like that

  • I would’ve done tile downstairs because it’s a high traffic area coming in and out tracking mud and dirt inside the house.

  • All the best wishes for 2021 guys

  • i need one of those green windbreakers🔥 those are tough💪🏽

  • While up on the mountain, Pops had a fight with a 500 pound Black Bear. He ended up with five broken ribs. He'll give them back to the Bear tomorrow.

  • At least y'all didn't put on half the floor before realizing the mistake.

  • Guys you’re gonna have to put up a Goonsquad live came to share that Million Dollar view. Nice work guys.

  • I'm kind of looking forward to the time when this channel reverts back from "Goonzquad Home Contruction" to "Goonzquad Wrecked Auto Reconstruction".

  • Is that the only way to install wood floor in US? Look at this..

  • Just use a sacrificial piece of flooring, put the tongue into the grove and lightly tap with small hammer. On glue, it'll slide so easily.

  • Just my opinion I do flooring for a living and I would have went with cortex bc it’s fully water proof and no need to glue it locks in place hard wood when it gets wet it bend and peel up, cortex is just snap and lock in type of floor still has the true wood look

  • Wanna see the helicopter

  • Happy New year @Goonzquad

  • Sweet job, but what could possibly go wrong with hardwood floor in the kitchen?😂 Also made your tile cut around your toilet too tight. You have to bolt a toilet flange to the subfloor.

  • Don’t forget to get that HVAC cleaned post construction, so many dusts and debris make it into the duct work and can cause poor quality air! Great work Goonzquad!

  • the run is going the wrong way

  • looks like a dental office

  • Tile it not centered to the door 🚪🤣🤣🤣