The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 54

Publicerades den 29 dec 2020
It is time!!! We finally got the hardwood floors completely sanded and coated! After the little water damage incident, we quickly got it fixed and moved right along. Now we are officially ready to get the downstairs floors finished and coated as well. Then its going to be time for the cabinets and a bunch of other goodies! We are super excited for whats coming next and cant wait to share it with you! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • poly urethane is basically a 2 component glue, in which water is the 2nd component. It will dry due to moist.

  • 100% osha approved with the ladder 😂

  • And why wasn't hooking up power and getting HVAC like the first thing they did????

  • Lol, that floor is 100% white oak, and they put red oak bullnose right up against it. Oh well, that's only like the fifth worse mistake they have made on that floor.

  • Those forklift tires are hella expensive

  • Don’t the wheels from your chair or mess up the floor if vacuum wheels would

  • all the 'experts' in the comments lol!

  • Somewhere an OSHA handbook just exploded

  • Looking good guys can’t wait to see the final product...

  • Could you please let us know what happened to the Doberman puppy haven't seen it in ages.

  • profequiti

  • voces sao muito fera

  • I own a hardwood flooring business and it’s Nice seeing guys with money that could easily pay someone do there floors doing it themselves and getting those floors flat! Not easy work man. Keep it up

  • That spiral staircase going to be slick in the rain?

  • Big fan of ypur channel, love how the house is coming together and how your pop and mom joined the ride, love from canada!

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Bro all is perfect but i think that camera quality needs to be upgraded dont mind its was just a brother openion..❤❤❤

  • "That vacuum cleaner sucks"

  • How odd as hell my screen went black at 17:20somwthing.. clicked off the video started it again worked fine... floors look spectacular

  • 18:30 In my country when things like this happen while you are working, we use some magic words that make things go better. It is called : "bestemmiare". Anyway good job guys! I love your videos! Regards from Italy.

  • ok

  • I would've laughed my ass off if any of my apprentices tried to use a shop stool like that. Then told them to put it out in the truck, and off my jobsite. Not a bad looking floor, though. The only time we EVER fill before roughing off is when the cracks are huge. Even then, we nearly always rough off first, let the filler dry, and fill again. One last pointer: vacuum the edges BEFORE vacuuming the field, and never touch the walls/doorways with the wand.

  • I have had wood floors across 40 years with 4 kids, 9 grandchildren. You want 4 coats of urethane, 2 coats won't handle the wear and tear of kids, toys and cleaning up their playdough, paints, scuff marks from shoes.

  • I love them, but if they do stuff with some acceptable efficiency i can watch them all day.

  • ❤️

  • 15:11 flyin' with the buffer. didnt even have to move his feet

  • “Tomorrow in the morning “

  • get a shave please

  • You should take stone off from top of window and put some stainless steel 90 degree drip end with a lip and put rubber flashing from exiting building to the front of flashing then fix stone no mor water for sure

  • 1:34 am and watching the AMAZING GOONZQUAD

  • Do vinyl floors its worth it

  • -The finish (Bona Mega) has color added. It is not a clear finish. Mega is also a top coat, and not usually applied over raw wood. Most pro's would use Bona classic seal on raw wood. - Good call on the backpack vac and quality wand. That's what a pro uses. Vacuum with the grain when possible, especially before coating. - Big mistake to apply cold finish in a cold house. The finish won't level or dry correctly when both the floor & finish are not 65 degrees. That's why you have t-bar marks ( 1/2 moons) showing now. Always t-bar with the grain especially in the hallway. Wood floor installation and refinishing isn't 1 $1000 problem. It's a 1000 $1 problems. Cool video.

  • Goonzquad you guys need to buy a car or truck and do a give away with entry’s

  • I want more truck content pls

  • What's a teyota?.

  • Shouldnt the floors be last to finish?

  • Why would you walk with work boots full of dirt on fresh floor when coating them? I don't understand why USA walk in their house with shoes on :/

  • Build a sim rig

  • We used that product on our wood floors at the restaurant. Great product. The floors held up to the traffic very well

  • Who cares?

  • Хлопці! Ви як справжні українці. Все робите самі

  • That Floor! Lookin awesome!

  • I'd go with a floating floor on the slab rather than a glue floor. It's quieter more flexible and easier to repair.

  • Happy new year

  • We are sick enough from watching you building you house or office or what you call it 😷

  • oil based coatings are pretty much banned in most countries. it is true oil based does add a yellowish tint how the coating, oil based premium products will out last, more durable water based. the only draw back with oil based is the smell, which can last for months if not well ventilated, however it can be accelerated with exhaust fans or hydroponic carbon filters with inline fans for re-circulation.

  • They're cool when their being authentic 😊💯🥰

  • Probably should’ve installed a drip edge over the window also

  • Paint first. You'll are doing it backwards. I don't understand. With contractors in the family I would have assumed they would tell you the steps. Whatever. Have at it. It's your house. 👍

  • Gotta put metal drip edge flashing over the .... windows ......Doors .

  • Ghost busters

  • I think fixing the water leak is higher priority than finishing the floor, but you prefer to do things backwards and even twice lol. "We bought this hoover because doesnt have wheels". Not sure if you guys noticed but the sanding machine also have wheel that goes over finished floor lol

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • These can probably make way more money rehab houses than cars.

  • That floorwill be trash in no time. The temperature in the house should stay at a constant temperature around 70 degrees. That filler will be popping out all over the place. Wood expands and contracts with change in temperature and humidity. Sorry guys I definite give you an A for hustle but F for knowledge on this stuff.

  • Safety third! Lol

  • did anyone else watch a 25-30 min ad in this vid about charity water bc that really touched my heart and i watched the whole thing

  • Car content please. I refuse to watch this " Stoopid " house build

  • Hey. What happened to the new little dog “Chief”. He’s never been seen again. 😎

  • I wonder if this channel is “ limited edition “...🤷🏻‍♂️😂. Should give a guy like me a truck because I got into an accident and don’t have one. Lol

  • With 2.5 mil subs, you should coop with a chocolate company to make a goonzquad power bar or something like that

  • Floor looks great and hopefully window doesn't leak again after sealing it up!

  • i wish i could do thr cabinet for you guys im a professional wood worker in iran i can send you some sample if you want

  • Hi guys, love all your videos. I’m asking if you share my GoFundMe link as I need help. It explains my situation. thanks Adrian

  • Who are you John Stedman? Goonzquad answering machine?

  • Use the pressure washer to simulate heavy rain

  • dang it. hoodies are sold out??

  • Been doing wood floors for 27 yrs. You're gonna regret that semi gloss in a week. What I recommend is buffing it hard w a 150-220 combo and applying a satin over it. I also would not use mega. Get off your wallet and buy the Bona Traffic dude. That mega yellows hard over time Oh yeah! Good job on those. Want a job?

  • That leak around the corner of the window is not good! Who did the Tyvek wrap on the exterior?

    • The exterior wrapping to the timber structural frame was installed by the original developer in 2008 or 2009, prior to their adding the stone and brick veneer to the southern elevation. Images of the house interior in the Goonzquad videos shown in summer 2020 make it clear that the there had already been rainwater leaks through several points in the external envelope by that time.

  • Love your content

  • took them forever to prep the living room, but one day to complete all the other areas?

  • I would have gone with a stonehard/epoxy type floor on the first floor, especially in the "garage" section. Some of those colors you can get are awesome. Using a thinner floor material just doesn't make sense in what will be the higher traffic areas but it will look good - for a little while...

  • You guys should do a urus

  • Use the semi gloss. The floors will loose there shine after a short period of time. I personally like em super shiny myself.

  • curious why are you priming and painting the walls last? also past experience we left the heat on to acclimate the wood and finish process. .you get less expanding and contracting... Keep up the good work....

  • Befor laying flooring on ground floor make sure you have a damp proof membrane please don't lay any wood till you have checked !!!!!

  • 🙋🙋🙋🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👍👍👍👍

  • The floor look sweet.

  • Should've put galvanized metal drip edge on every window

  • dry and stable ... best joke 2020

  • Good job guys!!!!

  • The buffing time lapse makes it look like he’s floating around the floor

  • Where's the puppy and Thomas I miss them

    • @bowsers life Hopefully there will be positive news about 'Chief' in the future.

    • @John Stedman aww it’s a shame I liked that doberman

    • 'Thomas' was featured in one of the videos this week, and is still resident at the original Goonzquad location (their parents' house) in Rossville, Georgia. The Doberman puppy named 'Chief' is no longer appearing on the channel.

  • Water comes from the roof.....

    • Normally that is true, but wind driven rain can impact a building from any direction, even from below. This is particularly common in exposed, rural and upland areas. This phenomenon has to be taken into account when designing, specifying, constructing and approving structures in such situations.

  • Y'all should worry about the floors last paint the walls

  • 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Ya'll made all this from SElists!?!? Seriously though, I actually would like to know! 🥰

    • @John Stedman makes sense 😯😕🤔

    • Goonzquad create income from a variety of sources. They appropriately choose not to make details public since this would not be in their interests regarding matters including confidentiality, business secrets, tax management, business competitiveness, security and personal privacy.

  • I'm happy for your success! Truly ❤ good for you guys & all of your accomplishments 🥰😬😎💞💞💖👌💯 dropping some emoji love & support 😊🥰💕💯✌

  • The impending problem of the lack of an entry lobby seems to be being ignored. When Goonzquad occupy the property in February, how will they address the issues of cold draughts and rain invading the Dining Area, nowhere to take off and put muddy boots and dripping jackets, new hardwood flooring curling up like Pringles, and various electrical items exploding as they are soaked by Stormy Daniels (or whatever the next tornado is called)? There may be some shouting and throwing of expensive cookware, and Eleazar could find himself enjoying the delights of a night in the Well House. Or two...

  • No drip edge over the windows. Should of stayed with cars fellas. Only the first of many poor installation jobs to rear its head. It's the ones you wont see for a while that are gonna cost ya. But by that time I'm sure you'll be selling it.

  • You guys are not far from my cousins house. You did a nice job fixing the place up because he told me that place was a wreck!

    • @Kyle Fegley Thank you! That is much appreciated.

    • @John Stedman No problem comment has been edited.

    • You are quite right to say that the property was not in good condition when Goonzquad purchased it earlier this year. My Firm carried out a survey of the house three years ago and found even at that time that it was probably beyond viable completion, for a number of reasons. Could I ask you not to publish the precise address of the house in this comments section, since the owners would rather keep that private for security reasons. Thank you!

  • Great job goonzquad please keep safe with your family but try to keep the videos come in Thanks form one of your greatest fans

  • Wouldn't it make more sense to have heated floors on the ground floor? Instead of glueing it to the cement,, and have it just be a floating floor?

  • I wish you guys would of done all this last... I feel like there will be a video in the future where some scratches the floor pretty bad.

  • Damascus wood flooring.

  • Hi everyone, I recently lost my dad to Covid-19. If anyone and everyone can donate and/or share his GoFundMe, it would greatly appreciated.

  • Should have painted walls and ceilings first and floors last , great job so far boys and best wishes for a Happy New year to you and all the family, Pops must be proud of you boys and best wishes to him , Cheers from Rick in Australia

  • Охуительно

  • you know what would make the outside look more complete ? the answer is awnings

  • Those windows need flashing.