The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 53

Publicerades den 27 dec 2020
Happy Holidays!!! Today we have a Christmas special video for you guys! As we move right along with the house project, we decided to move from the interior to the exterior for the day. We have been meaning to install our spiral staircase for the longest time. Now that the concrete is fully cured it is officially time to have at it. This backyard is starting to come together and we cant wait to have it fully finished! Thanks For watching!!!
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  • Are you going to put strips on the stairs? So nobody slips and falls.

  • The ice should be About 4 inches thick for it to be safe to walk on

  • wow this is amazing guys man I love watching your videos 😍 you guys have so much fun fantastic work in the house up to this point so far and Shute that’s bad news for the flooor but I’m sure you guys will figure it out and then new work bench stands are so cool so strong too.

  • I wish I had the funds to buy that Camaro off y’all loved the build of it and it turned out badass would love to have it.

  • If the ice is clear I would say four inches is safe

  • at least 6" of ice before an adult should try any ice.

  • The ice needs to be at least 6 inches thick before you can walk on it

  • sell the camaro to whistlin diesel. he'll fix it up.

  • Interested if that stair case will meet code or not. The post for the handrails seem to far apart. It must be smaller in width than a baby's heed

  • What you probably going to have to do is take that window out and put one solid piece of as1 or as2 in there glass stop the leak

  • 4 inches

  • "Dingle berries" 🤣🤣😭 12:00 saving this for when I need a laugh in the future!

  • What happened to the new puppy ?

  • hey goonzsquad im getting my permit soon i really wanted the s2000 that your not using because im looking for my first car after i get my job when i turn im 16 in 3 months from now

  • Where the dog you guys got the doberman dog the brown one???

  • Keep up the good work guys. 😎👍🔥🔥🔥

  • They should she how demilision ranch did his mansion an how they sealed it up all those window has to e redone

  • Whats the price on the zl1 as it sits?

  • I watch every video of this series, you can learn a lot from them

  • Where is cheif

  • The window shouldn't surprise anyone.....these morons patched a hole in their roof with sprayfoam insulation. I mean a 10 year old kid would know that's dumb

  • I can't imagine anyone in their right mind buying that Camaro or any car you guys built....LOL. No offense but your actual build skills are laughable and I would imagine every one of your cars once driven for a while would break. The front window of your house during a rains storm kinda says it all......LMAO. Duuuuuurrrr I thought spray foam was like silicone.....durrrrr. Too funny.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Bro all is perfect but i think that camera quality needs to be upgraded dont mind its was just a brother openion..❤❤❤

  • 4in thick ice will hold approx 200 lbs

  • Car channel doesn't have the time to fix a car because they are working on a house.... lol come on guys!

  • Y'all a bunch of Goondingles. 😅

  • Where is Chief the dog what happed to him anyone know


  • How much for the camaro

  • What about the reaction for steal to aluminum with the Stair bolts and mounts and the stairs themselves

  • I hope you can find the leak. What a bummer now that the dry rock is on and the floors are 90% done. Try Andersen Windows if this happens again as they are custom-sized down to the 1/16th of your opening. No spacer junk like other brands. Top-quality windows plus the right size for the opening and the installation kit and you should be good for anything the mountain valley throws at you.

  • Fix the Camaro! I’m here since the mustang, and I like the house vids, but it’s a nice variety to see some car content between the house videos!

  • Search up how thick ice needs to be for certain weight

  • There's an old Swedish saying that states that 4cm (1.57") of clear, bubble-free ice should be enough to carry a horse. Probably not entirely true, but it says something about the structural integrity of ice...

  • I’ll buy the car for 500 bucks

  • Use a water hose spray the window to test that it is properly sealed-- I would use osi sealant (found @homedepot or @lowes)- dark brown its water ready in 30 minutes.... check for leaks with hose -- rinse an repeat

  • Why notification only 7 days after video?

  • Boots are sweet I've got nothing but paid out on everyone's gift so I feel your pain.

  • Something about the spiral stairs has confused me, I don't understand why a person walks into the wall. If you spin the landing at the top 90° counter clockwise, the people have more room for going up or down. The gaps around the landing at the top, need to be filled in accordance with State Laws regarding decks and "child proofing". Fun doesn't have to exclude safety. ⛑️✔️

  • Next build is c8 corvette or a Tesla model X

  • those stairs gettin slippery af on winter

  • Weren’t you guys selling the Camaro?

  • Camaros super sick all that good stuff stuff are falling off

  • Where the new puppy 🐶 you guys still have it #goonzqard

  • Where did you get the saw horses from?

  • Hey guys, what happened to the doberman?

  • How much for that ZL1?

  • ok, lets leave out window caulking!

  • i want that zl1😩🥺

  • 12:20 Dingle Berries. LMFAO 🤪😳🥸🤩😎😜💩

  • Where’s the Pincher

  • Hey Boys, love the channel. I must say, your old man, reminds me of my Dad. I am 50 and lost mine a few years ago. Spend as much time as you can together. GOD BLESS and may the year to come bring you and the all the happiness life has to offer.

  • what ever happend to the doberman

  • Can you guys release a bigger limited quantity of hoodies if really like a new one I love the sandstone color

  • where did you buy the flannel jacket? it looks awesome!

  • Where is floppy ears?

  • How much for the zl1?

  • Where's the little Dobie?

  • how much yall want for the camero

  • How much for the Camaro? I would really be interested. Salvage title?

  • Here in PA we need 4" of ice on the lakes before they allow ice fishing.

  • Depending on what you want for the Camaro I'll come pick it up!

  • You need to silicone the windows in as you do them normally the hole could be a pin size hole and let loads of water in so sad 😩

  • Dewberries are legit, amazing cobbler too.

  • where did the baby doberman go???

  • I'll buy the camaro as is

  • Santa brought me a "Dang Son" t-shirt for Christmas.😁

  • Use pressure washer and find hole.

  • Let’s see some mustang action

  • I left a message on insta and sent you a text about the ZL1

  • I laughed so hard

  • 👍👍👍

  • I thought Pops would do a break dance on top of those new sawhorses 🕺

  • dingleberries is the name of my wifi, lol. Nobody in the neighborhood tries to

  • How much for the camaro

  • Fook them dingleberris 😂🤣😂

  • where did chief go?

  • I love seeing that zl1. And yes they make the Camaro with this front end still🥴. It’s exclusive to the zl1. Just different tailights. They are talking about discontinuing the camaro in 2023. Also it looks less ugly since they did an emergency refresh for 2020. It actually looks badass depending on the color. But I think the refresh for 2019 just ruined it for some people.

  • Great video guys 👍🏾🙌🏾👏🏾

  • You might need another 2 by where the metal stairs mounting bolts penetrate the 2x12 in order to meet code.

  • Whats the as is price

  • You should keep that ice broken in places by the edge to give wildlife somewhere to drink and put that game camera to work!

  • I know I’m late but I wish they would have did a cold start on the Hellcat Challenger

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I’ll give you guys 5k for that camaro 😂

  • 12:21 to 12:29 their laughs made me laugh, I had to watch that like 10 times 😂

  • I miss the car videos man:(

  • Protect the aluminum stair plate from electrolysis by isolating from the concrete. Concrete eats aluminum.

  • How can I get the Camaro

  • Goonsquad needs a corvette

  • Should have put sealer tape around every window then counter flashing at the tops of every window. It’s gonna happen again when another wind driven rain storm occurs.🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Daaaaaaaaang sooon, i'm anxious to see all these cars upt to the hill!

  • 4” of ice can hold a car!

  • Dingalberry's lmao!! Had me geekin' out

  • Pond-walkin'? You should instead start a hockey team and do some pond-hockin' ,,,, we did it all the time when we were kids, but then, winters where real winters in those days with super-sub-zero temps and frosty underwear ,,,, just sayin'

  • 90% of this video is you guys rambling and hyping eachother up as to actually working

  • We used to pull icicles off the cattle barn to make homemade ice cream. Y’all gotta try that. 😁

  • lesson learned keep up the good work boys

  • I appreciate the Camaro update. It is still one of my favorite rebuilds of the channel.