The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 50

Publicerades den 20 dec 2020
This place is turning out amazing!!! The trim is going in and we are getting together more tools to get the job done perfectly. We have been having a blast learning how to do almost everything during the house building process and we cant wait to move onto the next thing. Here soon well be finishing the hardwood floors and then it'll be time for some paint! Things are getting exciting and this house will be finished soon! Thanks For Watching!!!
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Rossville,GA 30741
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  • 8k more likes to goo!!!! Waiting for the cannon ball

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  • Ur 8k away from that canon ball

  • You should leave the concrete blocks in the garage and paint them black or dark grey. The walls should have a natural tanned colour like your hoodie

  • I love pops man! I love how youall always smile and eat :)

  • mountain lion/puma/cougar, bob cat/wildcat both dangerous

  • Go get you a salt block and put out there

  • I have a charger pack that’s rechargeable, it can last for about 4h of straight charging. That’s something i would suggest looking into for you guys

  • Come on 92k like just jump in the pound

  • Lmaoo bigfoot eat bigmacs

  • The dad's offering advice are security

  • Act like you got a covid check spending $800 on a chop saw. Spend easy gold and guns. I guess somebody got to front for dewalt. Dad was saying it used to take a lot of hard work to get a tool like that, now? Not so much now. Best of luck and good planning. Remember life is cyclic, today your rich, tomorrow your wishing you had a refund on all that crap. Do not expect the next buyer to pay for it when you sell. Ya I know you will NEVER sell. Ya.

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  • Yeeees. Trail cam....

  • I just gave a like for a cannon ball!!!😎 love the progress!

  • Guys is it possible that your parents normaly speak espaniol or something ?

  • pops rock ✌🏽✌🏽

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  • get rid of garage door . did you forget you aregoing to be building garage building . just dumb

  • It’s a mitre saw, not a chop saw.

  • Them likes on 100k Soon be doing zub -0 cannonball

  • Hey goonzquad you should get some Weather tech floor mats for the trucks and the other cars

  • just let the animals alone..

  • Almost to 100k for that cannonball!? 😂😁

  • Do porcelain tile in the garage!!! Stronger than ceramic tile, it’ll be water proof, look super classy and clean, and no need to worry about paint chips! Did in my garage over the epoxy flooring and I detail cars year round and have had no issues.

    • Also have dropped sledgehammers and tools working on cars on tile and no chips or cracks. So yeah. It’s a clean look guys!!

  • Hey fellas just a fyi don't charge off of a generator unless its got a charge limiter on it

  • Let’s get 100k guys! 😉

  • please paint the GOONZQUAD logo on the garage

  • Is pops Mexican?

  • Y’all should put solar panels on the roof! Great sun visibility


  • Those boys can catch. Gr8 video as always. God bless.

  • I'm wondering where they're new dog is? They haven't mentioned it lately.

  • 10k more likes and you gonna have to jumo in lmao though you shouldnt 15 seems too deep

  • Sasquatch on your property could be no joke! They can smack the house when you're sleeping! They can watch you through the windows, and have been known to kill pets! You should make castings of the tracks, and show them! Hang apples in the trees for Sasquatch, and put a Salt lick down for deer!

  • Haven't seen a video since about 500k subs ago, need to catch up, (question) whats up with pops accent? Is he not 100% American?

  • If something breaks or messes up (like the tape measures), you have 3 months to return the items hassle free, the Home Depot takes back everything, just need a receipt or card you paid with

  • 7:10

  • I love that lil intro

  • Seeing the stuff people over there in the US use make me understand why the world is doomed. Single use phone charger?! You would have to think very hard to come up with something this stupid and this bad for the environment. The excess and things being this over sized as they are over there is just mind-boggling. Great content though, all that is not really your fault.

  • Almost 100k likes.

  • 11k more likes, we wanna see billy jump in that pond

  • Them spypoint cams are awesome

  • I think you should get a gravity drop deer feeder for some corn. Plus you can also spread apples to see if you have any bears in your woods. The apples will attract certain other wildlife as well

  • The split dear print was a buck.

  • With all that mud out there, that beautiful stamped patio will have paw prints from animals then humans all over it .

  • Bordering looks good and can't wait to see what other animals have been around your property! Concrete slabs look great in the color!

  • Beef jerky for Sasquatch, Big Macs for Big Foot.

  • Yeah congrats to the wildlife cams... curious about what it catches :D But pls do not operate it with throwaway batteries!!! and for the bait, you probably shouldnt feed wildlife (check the regulations, i guess...), providing your pool with permanent flowing fresh water would be the best set the camera for video only, give it some time

  • Lets make sure he does some swimming!!!!

  • New hunting tip “ to catch a big foot use Big Macs “

  • 6:51 more stuff to put in the ground...not cool! Solar charger, that would have been saving $ in the long run, but maby it’s a European thing to think of the future of this plant 🤨 not cool guys. And the merchandise .....looks good, but you do not make money with sold out goods 😉

  • "Sassqauch eats beef jerky, Big Foot eats Big Macs" 😂😂😂😂

  • Two things, if you already have the flooring then why not allow for it to slide under the door and wall trim. Flooring is typically the LAST thing to do. This from a retired flooring contractor. So far, I like your content, however the constant juking, jiving, and the constant movement of your arms are the things that prevent me from subscribing. Thanks

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  • Do some harde lap or ship lap on the blocks.

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  • Get a power bank for your electronics?

  • Ok so if yo in want to get some deer in you can use corn but that’s like ramen noodles to them how it is for us. You know like “ it’s alright and I’ll eat it but I really want steak and lobster”. Now for deer their steak and lobster is acorns. If you can gather a bunch of them suckers and put it out there you’ll get them in I promise that.

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  • Is it just me or did they put in more mid-roll ads into the video? They need to pay off these tools somehow I guess 😅

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  • Maybe one of your guys's next cars could be a Kia stinger?


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  • You might regret coating your concrete slabs in that high gloss? Very slippery when wet!

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  • A great phone charging invention that creates even more plastic waste in the world.. Stupid

  • Your dad sounds slavic it’s crazy how country y’all sound in comparison to your dad who still has that strong accent.

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  • I don't know if you have heard of Andrew Camarata but I suggest checking out his video (putting in a driveway). It has interesting machine work plus what to do for combating your soul type

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  • If y’all are trying to get good equipment why not just spend the 1500 to 2 grand on a commercial saw


  • I was skeptical about the concrete, but daaaannng sonnnns, that looks great!

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  • Throw out a simple salt block from a tractor supply store 10-15 ' from the camera.

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  • Go like, commit & subscribe to my channel thanks for all support much love to all!(:

  • DeWalt has come out with Zero turn stand on mower

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  • Hey guys loving the videos, just a tip from a carpenter here in the uk 🇬🇧 when doing your facing round your doors cut the legs (the long parts) first with the 45 degree cuts then put them to the side so when your fitting the lintel (top part) you have it cut to where you want it so you turn the leg upside down and mark the top of the lintel on your leg so it's just a square cut and not constantly moving your chop saws angles. Plus when your marking it like that you won't make a mistake in the size when using a measuring tape. That's if all that makes sense 👍👍👍