The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 49

Publicerades den 17 dec 2020
This Interior is going to be one of a kind! We are moving from the custom tile to the doors and trim. This has been one of our toughest tasks but we are happy to get out of our comfort zones. As we work as fast as we can, we are making great progress and we cant wait to move onto interior paint work! This house will be epic when it's finished cant wait to get it done! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • I honestly thought they were gay tbh

  • I was watching this series when they first dropped and got impatient lol so start a different one and now I get to watch everything I just scrolled past cant wait amazing bros👊👊

  • What the HELL is wrong with u guys?? Why aren't u guys NOT WEARING A MASK when u go into the stores that your shopping in??? That is just DISRESPECTFUL!!! U GET A THUMBS DOWN!!!! GET YOUR S**T TOGETHER!!! Don't be one of those POS LOSERS that doesn't wear their mask!!!!

  • “Learnin’ some new thangs” new tshirt design

  • I came clear here about wht not fit n wht would they do mistake along Billy house build.. "if the mistake make u do better nxt times why not.. N wht ugly in ur eyes maybe beauty in other eyes".. So keep up the good job guy's..

  • 👏👏👏🇧🇷👍🤜🤛

  • Top acompanho Voceis aí no canal

  • I fell behind on these videos 3 months ago and I’m catching up FAST

  • Hope you realized your laser isn't leveled, thats why its blinking, it's in a fixed position so you can use the beam on angles not just vertical and horizontal (best for doing stairs) and it blinks to remind you that it isn't leveled

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍👍


  • Fond du Lac wi is right around the corner from my house where did you guys get that?


  • Has anyone noticed the Cheetos in the background 🤣

  • Ceiling same as back wall yes yes!!!

  • These dudes are legit. Loving every second of this.

  • You're velcome.

  • you guys are not fixing the door as it should be ... not a solid fixing it will come out once someone shut it hard ...

  • Lmfao 1000 mentos 😂👍👍👍😂😂😂😂👍👍👍

  • SElists should have been around back in the 80’s...that would have made every build a little easier 😄 you guys rock!

  • Reuse the levelling clips

  • Don't use black grout you won't be able to see when it gets dirty😏

    • But if it does get dirty it won’t be that good

  • Shout-out to the backwards casing and door in the garage 🤦 y'all need to rip that out and redo everything for real. "It's perfectly level and everything, got some nails and screws in it..." as he's holding the door shut from constantly swinging open.

  • Everything above the floor first, floor last. So many "simple" things done wrong. Professions and skilled trades are such for a reason, the stuff y'all are doing isn't as simple as youtube and done.

  • Should do drywall sealer / prime , paint walls , install floors, install doors and trim and base, 2 coats of trim paint prior to install. Caulk and fill nail holes. Tile, cabinets , last thing is do all touch up paint

  • Just a heads up, if the laser keeps flashing it means it’s not level!!!! Make sure it’s not flashing!!!!

  • that master bedroom barndoor should be made from wood on your property that you mill yourself.

  • gaps are off

  • I personally don't like those barn doors. It's called a barn door for a reason. lol

  • Does anyone else get really hungry when you see what food they have. It looks so nice

  • why do people in the Comments feel as if they should tell these Guys What To & How For WTF...

  • lupefiasco

  • The post at the top of the stairs is referred to as a newel post..... Just a little tip from a ol carpenter & contractor.....its placed on the floor in its final position, then traced around and a square hole is cut into the floor... Then its braced and bolted into the floor joists......

  • I dont know what else these two brothers can’t do 😩, meanwhile I sitting on the sofa feeling useless

  • Bro your hammer needs to be replaced

  • 25:17 This is random but ive seen that same Cheetos bag in the background for 4 episodes.

  • Tiles on the ceiling, well f me thats some future stuff here

  • Hey boys, i was wondering how long you would put up with that ryobi turd cutter so currently Home Depot has a great deal on the dewalt dws779 compound miter saw and this company mm tools sells a kit to upgrade to the dws780 which has not a laser (inaccurate) but a light that casts a shadow over the blade on to the wood, it’s so sick, such a time saver, and would be some cool content to mod a saw. Also I totally recommend getting the heavy duty stand dex723 which extends pretty far and would be perfect for all your up coming trim. Keep up the good work!

  • That Tile is going to be a nightmare to keep clean. Especially the smaller stuff with all the Grout lines.

  • Those doors seem quote low! Dutch building code requires door posts to have a clearance of at least 2.3 m (7’ 8”), so that future generations don’t have to duck at door openings. Admittedly, the Netherlands have the tallest population in the world, but I reckon Georgia and Tennessee accommodate for people getting taller as well. What does your building code say about door clearance?

  • Not to sound like THAT guy, but your first door is hinge-bound.

  • Hire someone to do the stairs.

  • Need to get your wood flooring so it gets acclimated to the house

  • DAAAAAANNNNNG SON this build is starting to drag on......

  • Hi guys, why would you red gard walls and not the shower floor?

  • sorry guys but i actually forwarded the tiling section, soo boring not good content in the quantity you have been showing it :(

  • a Living Garage, eating next to the Supercars

  • That shower floor should’ve been waterproofed with 2 coats!!

  • Been watching your channel from the beginning love seeing the progress! Word of advice from me is that you should really redo that shower pan! use a small notch trowel on those tiny round tiles. That notch was too large and you're probably not getting the right coverage as well as dealing with thinset coming through the joints. Also the curb should not have screws through it that's a big no no for the pan liner system yall are using. Redguard also needs to be applied thicker. Also no need to use those wedges on that size tile. If your walls are flat you will be fine with a 1/4 notch. I redo showers and bathrooms for a living and I can assure you that the way you did that shower is probably going to leak at some point and cause a lot of damage. Take my advice and redo at least the pan!

  • Dudes you are doing some amazing things! Still love the automotive side of things but the building videos are super cool as well! I am really looking forward to the shop build! Shops are something I really like to see built!

  • I love u guys but don’t listen to ur brother

  • Y’all should just stain the door darker pls don’t paint it white or anything!!!!! The stain would be dope

  • should have sprayed prime, 1st finish coat, and ceilings first before trim.

  • looks so good in that shower they'll be sleepin in there 🤗

  • Do trim afterwards. That way you can just cover up the windows and use a gun to paint the walls.

  • The first trim(architrave) on small door looks awful lol

  • Cool

  • Those door trims are horrible. Make them 45degre and use the same as a frame and use paint liner and paint them in.

  • Its grazy how they speak and also use sign language so people that cant hear can watch this.

  • Wouldn't it be easier to paint the walls and trim separate, then install the trim later?

  • I'm a bit tired of the home owner bologna.. I came for the car content and now we're putting in tile.. need to get back to roots guys.. #disappointed

  • I cannot wait for the garage built... Empires Legacy 🙏💯

  • I will like to do the same. Thing tha your doing now with you guys at new goonzquad garage together 🥺

  • I will like to have one of those Hodies of yours but 🥺 .i really like what your doing guys keep it up guys.

  • omg... guys. how can you get so much wrong in a short space of time. floors last. prime and paint first. work from the back to the front (with everything) you are making things a lot harder in the long run. all that being said... good effort... love your channel.

  • It’s really cool that all his dads sons are going somewhere in life

  • When putting up new trim shouldn't you paint first so you don't have to tape anything

  • Dude prime your house first and at least spray the ceilings. Dumb to be doing title and trim work when the walls aren't even primed. Makes no sense

  • The whole hilltop and entrance with that cement design would look so sick you'd know they were rich af 😂💯

  • You're supposed to make the shower base out of concrete not mortar :p

  • I was wondering what was going on with hardly anything up and flooring and tile on the it makes that it's going in proper order don't forget to undercut all door jambs with under cut saw it makes all door cut's with all flooring material a lot easier.goodluck guys 🤗😎

  • My wife is 77 years old and yesterday she told me if I called her Dude again I’ ll be going to the ER (and that’s legit )

  • If the house is anything to go by i cant wait to see the garage!

  • Go back to Chernobyl Gidian and eleazar

  • I know I'm old because I said "oh that's badass" when y'all tiled that little shampoo bottle cutout. 😂

  • Buy a wrecked McLaren

  • I love these guys and their videos but I think they are starting to do things for content that they shouldn't be attempting waterproofing and tiling should be left to professionals

  • Ooooo damnnnn getting close boys looking good

  • Merry Christmas gays

  • No home no home yes car car car

  • You know that ugly spot on the back of your roof your thinking of washing or replacing? I'm thinking you should just cover it with solar panels and give your Goonzquad crew a lesson in how they are installed. Future episodes could include how they worked, did they work out, pro's and con's of going solar. Was it worth the cost....Just a thought.

    • @mrwupy Nothing wrong with your suggestion that they could generate most or all of the energy they need on their property. It's the kind of project that could bring them more SElists viewers too!

    • @John Stedman Ok just pee all over my idea, I don't mind. :) Still, they could be cosmetic. LOL

    • Solar panels may indeed be viable on the site. However, the stained area of the house roof would not be a suitable location since it faces almost due north, and thus receives little solar energy, even in summer. The best option would be to integrate solar collectors into the southern elevation of the Garage/Workshop which Goonzquad propose to build alongside the existing house. The design should be carried out by a professional consultant to ensure that the potential benefits are maximised. Other possible renewable energy sources could also be researched, such as wind turbines, which could generate electricity in winter when solar energy is less plentiful.

  • Simons a beast for all the editing

  • Whats up Billy and Simon

  • Trim and baseboards always come AFTER the floor is installed. Hmm.

  • U guys boring people's now 👎

  • i dont know if yall have one or not because i didnt see one. you need a vent fan in the bathroom(s). paint and everything will get too much moisture and will ruin your hardwork

  • Danngg son!! Waiting on that new video! 😉

  • Great job with the tile! Glad to finally learn a little more about y’alls family too. Maybe someday we’ll be able to meet Billy’s wife and learn if your parents are really from the Ukraine like everyone is guessing ☺️ Keep up the great work, I’ve been a follower since the wrecked lambo.

  • Your parents sure did a great job on you guys! That’s awesome!!!!!

  • Shower how not to so episode #1.

  • I hate to break it to you but the Floor of the shower isn't meant to me level, it is supposed to made on a 2% grade towards the drain so that the water flows towards it

  • Why do you have a contractor if your brother is one 🤷‍♂️

    • They often refer to their brother Aleksander ('Alex') as 'The Contractor'. They have worked with him since the beginning of their SElists channel five years ago.

  • I feel like the style of tile you used just made the house look older again after you spent all your time modernizing it. Just my opinion though. Those little circle tiles are horrible.

  • Should used black title to make look like tires mark on the shower wall

  • Need exhaust fans in those bathrooms.

  • You're doing a great job. One thing that should help you is when your doing the small tiles like you put on the floor and in the shelf you should use a trowel with shorter fine teeth. that should stop the mortar from coming up thru the grout lines.

  • yall got anymore of them new goonzquad uploads? *crack itch intesifies*

  • i like 45 better

  • i don't like the top trim you make the same as the casing

  • MORE MERCHANDISE!!! I keep checking to late. I have never bought merch before.