The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 48

Publicerades den 15 dec 2020
It all finally arrived!!! The custom interior has begun with the tile work and now all of the trim and doors are here! We have been moving along as fast as we possibly can and things are starting to flow. From exterior to interior, we have made some huge changes, but now is the time for it all to make a statement. This house is going to be something awesome when were finished and were happy to share the entire process. Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • that shower floor is not rite.

  • these guys are the definition of: _casually drops $2,000 into tools_

  • Hey Goonzquad y’all should do like a lightpurple Merch it’ll be pretty fire 🔥🔥

  • I would like to see a video of the F-450 maintenance

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Billy went full on dad-mode with that stach and the glasses 🤓😄... Or like a p*rnstar from the 80s, ngl haven't decided yet 😂😂😂

  • I got a question. Why do contractors always love to work in the mud? Why not pour the driveway and a parking pad first so you don't track mud into every nook and cranny of your new home?

  • "It's got some kind of technology" See you later 2020

  • That shower is a water leak for sure

  • Probably too late but did you install extraction units in the shower/ steam rooms?

  • I stopped watch hgtv long time ago. Did the boys just trick me into tuning back in. Lol

  • keep that mustache you look almost like Ron Jeremy 😂😂😂

  • Captain Morgan in the house !!!???

  • Tile choice and design is on point!

  • nice glasses 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Those don't appear to be water tight can lights, which is what you should use in a bathroom ESPECIALLY in the shower and even more so in a steam shower.

  • How is it going to work with the wife and one brother living in the new house and the other bro gets to stay at home with his parents? In confused

  • Call fine line and trim we give the best rates and cheap to

  • Wow this is super sick loving the loook of the house now looking forward to the next episodes

  • Highly recommend doing paint, then floors then trim. Makes painting a lot easier.

  • Why don't you guys install rainwater storage tanks and harvest rainwater from your roof so your not dependent on your bore supply. It's mandatory on all new builds here in Australia, you can use the water for your toilets or irrigation or filter for drinking.

  • I just noticed the concrete board only has like 6 screws per board btw I am not trying to hate just you guys spend alot of cash on this stuff and you work good. However you need to research a little better

  • Things coming along awesome guys!! Great work as always!

  • I come here to wonder am I the only one that noticed that they did not put concrete down before they put the liner down and unfortunately all that money they spent is going to be destroyed in less than a year probably

  • Imagine. Goonsquad could be watching your SElists videos.

  • They can certainly spend money 💰

  • I miss car builds

  • Does Home Depot sponsor you guys or what?

  • Hey SIMON & BILLY 👋 👋 👋

  • Should of went with the weddi board much better and easier to install

  • Dang son I hate it when I'm days late for a video

  • I love to watch the videos you guys are so humble love that!! 🙌🏼 looking forward to see more cool car videos

  • Hey guys don't forget you need ceiling fans....

  • You should prime and do the first coat of paint before you do the trim. Wayyyy easier

  • You guys should do a build giveaway

  • “A piece of tile can hit you in the head”😂

  • Should of hot moped the showers

  • Billy looking like Johnny Depp

  • Also. Grow the stache

  • Black grout is fire. Cleaning while grouting it sucks. Did almost 500 subway tiles in my kitchen.

  • Love that you guys do alot things yourself but that shower is not gonna last long. The shower will hold water from day one, Redgard has to be minimum two full coats for waterproofing AND to for proper steam protection in steam showers. The ceiling should have be pitched alittle (2 degrees I believe) so the water will run to a wall rather than drip on you during a long steam. Pan liner should wrap completely over the curb to the outside as well. Also the curb should have been standard 2x4's rather than pressure treated. Somethings you can youtube but shower prep, I'd steer clear of. I know you guys have spent a bunch of money but I wouldn't use that shower, hire a professional. It will cost you far more down the road.

  • You should do all the painting before installing the doors and trim , so as Not to get any paint on the doors and trim

  • Need something to sit on in that steam room

  • You are supposed to flood test your shower liner for 24 hours before putting your mortar bed down and have it inspected. This is going to be a problem at your final inspection. Also see the other comments about sloping the liner, wood curb, etc.

  • Oh my, boys love ya. BUT major issues. 1. we need a pre-slope wet bed then put your liner. 2. Then do your wet bed. 3. Then cement wall panels 4. Red guard 5. Tile 6 caulk any inside comers

  • Boring... been a subscriber to this channel for a long time but I'm over these house builds. Goonzquad Head Quaters?? Yeah right. This is just billy's house. Unsubscribed.

    • This story is about their lives and their passions....real people not fake Hollywood types. They'll get back to the builds. What's really funny about your comment is how long it's taken to figure out the videos are a house build

  • guys where is the puppy ? come on tell us

  • Plapalpla


  • Love their positivity in their conversations. Inspiring

  • Y’all’s attention to detail with all your car builds carries over to these house projects! Awesome to watch the same craftsmanship! Lovin all the house content and can’t wait for the next car build!

    • Their craftsmanship is complet trash.

  • Guys from 1m viewers down to 600k Something is going wrong

  • When's the next build

  • search schluter shower systems. it may cost more, but it works flawlessly.

  • Home Depot needs to sponsor y’all for sure cause they get a shoutout in all your videos

  • Stayed on this episode to watch paps. Feeling tired watching this series. When could we see the Audi?

  • With concrete work the cutting time is essential to a good professional job. You need cured concrete before you attempt to glue anything to it. Have patience

  • Get it brother lookin good

  • watching this make me want to build a house

  • I see Billy is back on the mustache project.....👍

  • I'm a new subscriber and was looking at some of your older posts. I restore antique Corvettes and thought I would share a cost cutter I discovered. Lowes has a product called Peel and Stick that is the same thing as Dyno-Mat at about a 10th (16.95) the cost. It works great for a heat shield and sound deader. I use it on all my restorations and it apply just like Dyno-Mat.

  • Going for the 1930’s magician look there Billie

  • I am truly happy for you brothers for your successes , you guy’s started out working with your oldest brother , then y’all moved on and got the garage and now that beautiful hill top house . And not to mention all those beautiful high tech 🚘 cars . Keep up the good work.

  • I’ve been watching these house videos for a while now and I can’t wait to finally see the end result

  • You agree on everything. Do you guys argue off camera?. Enjoying your videos. Keep up the Legit, Sick, Duuuude, Daaang.

  • Don't forget to seal your tile and grout it really stinks but it has to be done to water tight it takes about 24 hours to dry

  • For the love of God pls get covers for your care. The uv will destroy those cars. Or put them in storage. It's a shame they sit under trees and in sun. No one else would treat these cars that way. Sad rally

  • Dark Greyhounds blacks to dark

  • you didn't angle the shower mortar bed towards the the drain under the shower pan-liner, youre gonna have standing water(-the mortar bed under the tile will be soaking wet constantly and mold,)....yeah they blew it big-time.not trying to be an jerk. just trying to save them money before too late. you're going to have to tear the shower out and start over...I'd say they'll start smelling the mold after a month of use..I've been doing this over 10 years and I replace homeowner work all the time for people....and they needed to use butyl rubber to seal the drain not the-silicone they used that's going to leak...they needed polyurethane butyl rubber shower sealant...window silicone in shower silicone won't stick to the the shower pan,or the ABS of the drain

  • He kinda looks like jason dolley from good luck charlie

  • Black grout with the penny tile pls

  • Was that mortar bed even sloped? It didn't look like it in the video. These guys should stick to cars. They don't know what they're doing when it comes to tile. They didn't lay the liner on a pre-sloped bed, and it sure doesn't look like they sloped the floor either. Good video on how to properly do a tile shower floor:

  • Goonzbaby's first word is gonna be "DUDE!!"

  • Get some Mountain shadow grout. Lol

  • Get some Mountain shadow grout. Lol

  • Definitely needs more screws in the durarock. 😂

  • Good job dude... aewsome...hugs from Brazil

  • Use dark gray grout and hoping to see the helicopter build soon.

  • been watching for sometime and I know for a fact you did the tiles wrong on the floor . first and for most your square off the room and find the center square . this is where you start from . not the out side walls and in .. this way your tiles will be even on both sides . do this for your bath / shower area. never use black grout with white tiles . its harder to replace it in the future . its best to stick with a basic grout - white it goes with everything. also lower level should be done in tiles and not wood. due to people walking in and out all the time. food spilling . easier to keep clean . hardwood up stairs is ok now for the viewers we should do a drinking challenge.. every time they say DUDE you take a drink of what you have on hand such as pop. also count how many times they do say it . it would be funny..

  • Not applying paint before anything else?heje

  • hey guys love what ya'll have done to the house so far , also have ya'll ever thought of buying houses and flipping them { full reno } after the covid 19 is over ya'll are so good at house reno anyone else agree click like and leave a comment below posted on12*17*2020 at 9 : 55 am hope to hear back from ya''ll soon and happy holidays

  • Maybe water under the bridge at this point, but a pre slope under the liner is advisable

  • Why remove the waterproof drywall ceiling? Can the cement board be installed overtop of it without removing it? Also wondered about insulation and vapor barrier for the steam room walls, exhaust fan , waterproof lighting for steam room etc.

  • I’m excited to see the new garage! Who else?

  • Its BOSCH, from good old Germany,boys.....

  • 14:13 looking like he borrowed his girlfriends jeans 🤣.

  • These kids have all the sheep herded in the “headquarter” build. If they built a little doll house y’all would be like dang son so cool do the Barbie kitchen. These clowns have totally turned they’re back on what got them fame and the sheep don’t care baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haasaaa

  • 60 episodes of B.S. Bob Villa crap with no automotive builds in sight.

  • Just a quick fyi fellas...that cement board on the ceiling needs to be glued and screwed to be 100%

  • I have never heard of tiles in the ceilings😅

  • So much wood :o

  • I've been watching them for so long I've seen them buy 3 shop vacs.

  • can you do a rx7 type A?

  • Holy crap I'v been watching u guys for 3 or 4 years now

  • You guys are milking this house project too much now im done watching

  • Good job walking all over the rubber membrane in the shower pan. I'm sure there are no tears or holes.

  • Please go back to cars. Not sure how you guys haven’t figured it out went from averaging 1.2 - 1.5 million views to averaging under 750k. House was cool for a bit...but It’s getting old

  • You were suppose to use quikrete mortar mix for the shower bed and for the ceiling i recomend acrilpro ceramic tile adhesive wich can also be used on the walls for the type of tile you chose just dont use it on the floor use versabond for the shower floor or any floor tile

  • They paid $360k for the house they are gonna make it look like a 360k house lol

    • The payment which Goonzquad made for the property essentially reflected only the land value. As the brothers stated on their video uploaded to SElists on 16th August 2020, the uncompleted building was not part of the valuation. My own Practice had made an assessment of the site in 2018 and, after detailed research, my experienced Chartered Surveyor came to a similar conclusion. Overall, the 15 acre site is legally defined as three contiguous five acre Parcels, each of which is potentially the site for an individual residence. The value of such structures, if built, would depend on a wide range of factors which could only be determined once appropriate proposals were formulated in some detail. At that time, market comparisons with similar developments could be used to calculate approximate values of the Goonzquad assets.

  • I'm am ex paverI would've done this for free love your pop's and mom's cooking and hard work you guys put in peace out dudes