2 Million Subscriber Special!!!

Publicerades den 12 maj 2020
We are so thankful for all the love and support we get from each and every one of our subscribers!!! This journey has been absolutely life changing. We are so blessed to be in this position and we couldn't have done it without you. We put together this video to give you guys an update on all of the builds and also give you an idea of what the future holds! Thanks For Watching!!!
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  • Congratulations, I feel like im family watching yall grow on this channel, been a long time coming, thank you for the best car content on the platform!

    • @Ethan Official Abh

    • Congrats guys , enjoy watching you guys rebuild.

    • @Ethan Official H b

    • You should keep it if you’re popes truck brakes down

    • Ethan Official they’ll get enough from youtube lol

  • Bro instead of having thar mustang roght there give it to me

  • Please start growing that channel Moreno don’t wanna see y’all going down hill. Yah have barely grown any it’s just upfront. Love y’all

  • Hey goonzquad... I would like to know what is the name of the protective film you used for the carpet on the hellcat. Amazing content guys... dang son!!!!!!

  • Hellcat body a burnt orange with a black stripe down one side running over the roof.

  • We love you Guys Peace :)

  • When u have too many cars someday u will giveaway one of them, i mean it’s possible

  • i love your vos

  • If there's anything I honestly love about these boy's is that their not show offs . Their truly one of a kind and I thank them for their honesty !!! Peace , love and respect to these young men !

  • That was funny hear Simon talking and then he hit the gas and he went silent that was hysterical

  • Don’t sell gtr or the 458 spyder plz they’re so nice

  • wheres the viper

  • dont sell the charger

  • How bout a giveaway

  • How much for you guys or blue Mustang

  • 🙋

  • 40k for the GTR? Wow super steal

  • the stock Ferrari look better. That shit is ugly and massive wings are played out

  • Great innuendo. when you say (screw it) say it just before you turn a screw into something. You were frustrated at something and you say SCREW IT! and the next caption is you are turning a screw! Get It?

  • This channel has gone to hell since the C7 Z06 build. Great you got a house, but seriously yawn.

  • im driving car from 2004 and this dudes have 20 cars nice life the wheel of ferari is more expensive then my car

  • The Ferrari is beautiful everything about it is exactly how I want it

  • Dudes the Ferrari that’s me beautiful

  • you should sell all of them

  • Dont be gittin no ticket now!!!


  • that hell cat is just one dream of a car. i mean all of your cars are great , but i REALLY miss that corvette of yours , she was a dream too , but whenever i see that hellcat .... i'd wish i'd have one ^^. Since it's been 9 month ago and i have been away a little during corvid i dunno how far plans for that hell cat have gone, but if it is still up for debate: keep it black and somehow i know widebody would probably give it more traction and bring more of its power to the street , but i still gotta say : she's a classic , i wouldn't change too much on her . she is just such an incredible beauty the way she is.

  • Can you guys put a sun roof in a car

  • i would buy it for 43,000 for the GTR r35

  • The F450 and the s2000 are my favorite, mustang and the ferrari are my least favorite

  • Bye bye duramax 😭

  • I would like to know the price of the Hurricane, write to my email if it is still available ,Neme996@hotmail.com. Thanks

  • These young men got it going on!

  • If they EVER shoot a dukes of hazzard movie.....I hope they call you boys first!

  • someone: how many cars do you have? goonzquad: infinity

  • And WHY DON'T You park these Car's in a Garage or Warehouse out of the Weather Elements??? The Money they are Worth & You Wouldn't have to Clean them so Much. And an Extra place to Work on Car's.

  • I wonder where is the 720s went did you sell it

  • Yes wide body

  • I’d like to buy the GTR of you guys for $1.500.70 thousand would you expect my price plz get bk to me

  • u can unplug the connector and you will be fine

  • Congratz on 2 million sorry so late.... Life has been busy

  • 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🦾🦾🦾

  • What kind of foam cannons do y’all use when ya wash the cars ? Do y’all have a list of cleaners you prefer ?

  • You guys need to build a museum for all cars boats and helicopter

  • Gentlemen, Pops and Mom, and the little wife in the background. Thank you all for making my days of excitement. God bless you all and proud of you keeping God and Country in your living. The respect you give and manners of gentlemen gives America true meaning. I TIP MY HAT TO ALL OF YOU....

  • The cars in the sun make it look so coo

  • Nice work dudes steam room sounds epic, still would love to see the helicopter rebuild any news on it dudes, the parts, 👍🏻, those hexagon tiles are cool 😎 especially on the black colour they looked epic can't wait to see them finished with the Wight grouting all done, love all those cars you've got have or did yous have a mustang, I bought my car last month right hand mustang gt costom paint I put it on my page for yous dudes to see 👍🏻 😁 👍🏻 peace ✌️

  • you guys should really ceramic coat all your builds as much as some sit, ya worked hard on paint, protect it.

  • I have been here since your first video

  • 😍😍Black hellcat how much 💲💲

  • So many cars lack of garage.. The Srt Challenger did smoke when turning the ignition on

  • Rent some inside storage for all those nice cars

  • You guys should give a car away to one of your 2 million subscribers

  • I think you should seal the jeep car and the mustang and truck and get a new shop at the new house and get the cars there and make it look like a place and stop going back and forth please

  • Are you guys twins??

  • can yall do another ford truck bulid would love to see that

  • These guys live a great life. Initiative and hard work pay off.

  • i miss my mustang one day ill get one again and out in fl not to many cars that are not stander but u all keep up the good work you all doing happy late thanksgiving and merry xmis to u all

  • I just want to see the finished mariah boat please

  • man i wonder what their insurance a month is

  • You have inspired me to start my own channell

  • Great job !!!!

  • Almost 1 million 💵 in stock cars😬

  • Hellcat its a beast 👍

  • These guys are amazing and very shoking

  • Have only caught a couple of episodes from these 2 guys. Gives me hope. Ideal for my 2 boys to turn out half as well.

  • Should try a restomod on an old muscle car

  • 2 million subscribers celebration and.. 2 million views.. 😍🤗🎉❤️

  • Love you guys but finish you must finish !! Sorry

  • How much for the Denali ... I love the lift

  • What would be the cost for the hellcat as I would be interested in buying but has to be transported to Poland ...

  • why was the sound bad on this video

  • y’all should REALLY get some cover for every car because it’s just soooo sad seing them in this condition

  • Can I have the hellcat:/

  • That’s almost 1 million in value. Wow.

  • The nissan gtr is my dream car ! i wish i could afford it im rebuilding and repairing my stepdads old 1998 chevy c1500 cause i dont have the funds to buy a new car im trying my best but part after part keeps needing repair just got new tires on it $600 and now the bushings are failing probably gonna need new shocks too with a part time job this thing is killing me if you guys have any tips you could share please send em through and really love the content ive been a huge fan for a long time i try my best to watch all the videos you guys are amazing !!!

  • im happy for u boyzzzz

  • You guys should paint the trim the dark mountain shadow colour

  • Do you guys sell cars at all? I’m in Virginia and can insure a rebuilt title

  • Sad to see this monster gtr has another home.😔

  • Drive a little fast police waiting

  • Please don’t sale a sport car

  • Like how you guys make build and that keeps me interested so keep it guys and one thing what happen to the camaro?

  • Spinning&Grinning your New shirt saying

  • Where’s the Camaro?????

  • Do you want to sell the s2000 i would like to know the price if you guys want to sale?


  • Hello I watch you guys all the time but I would like to know how you guys got start and can I be y’all camera guy big up goonzquad

  • Where is the viper and corvete ?

  • hellcat red

  • 2 mill what about 3 mill

  • Did it cost much building the cars?

  • be nice if i could win one of the cars.lol

  • Why was the Dodge viper not included?

  • How much are you selling your Ferrari

  • hi guys love ur work really want to see Hummer H3 u guys build!

  • is there anything you lads cant turn your hands to great team work

  • Hey, i am new to this channel, but i gotta say, I LOVE THIS CHANNEL RIGHT AWAY. yall are posting useful vids, chill, and yall seem like a cool person. you look down to earth cause i see it from your outfits that you dont look rich but you are! SUPPORTING FROM INDONESIA HERE.

  • someone that had a gtr said there was a bracket to fit to the gear box it was a manufactuers fault

  • Ha, all you that been watching since the start! I just recently started watching. Binge watch heaven.......you jealous......I know!! I will lament when I have to wait for next video to drop too!!